Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LIBERATED, Mar 26, 2004.

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  1. Hi we are two student nurses who met some blokes last night who told us about ARRSE and showed us it on the internet this morning. How do we get to meet some men in green? That are nicer than them of course.
  2. Join a dating agency?
  3. Do they have one where we can meet men in the army?
  4. How the fcuk should I know? Do I look like I run a dating agency?
  5. Actually - yes you do. Hi - missed ya!
  6. gunnysdates.co.uk
  7. we just looked at pictures are you the babe in green?and do you still have your moustache?
  8. Yes and no.
  9. okay, how long to re grow it?
  10. Village People look went out in the '80's !!

  11. www.uniformdating.com

    try them, I'm not saying they're any good, but less cynical than these guys.
  12. oh so how old are you, we thought the pics where recent.
  13. So why do you still have the muzzy?????
  14. & more desperate!! Gunny, you do look very dogey with your tash! What is that all about?
  15. Are you having that????