We want our Money back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Mar 22, 2006.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml;jsessionid=NHPQE50YCI0KVQFIQMGSFFWAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2006/03/22/nloans22.xml&sSheet=/portal/2006/03/22/ixportaltop.html

    Labour was plunged into a full-blown financial crisis last night after millionaire businessmen embarrassed by the disclosure that they had made "secret" loans insisted on the party paying back at least £6.5 million.
    The threat of Labour being bankrupted by the loans scandal came as Scotland Yard announced that it had opened an investigation into the alleged sale of peerages.
    At least five of the 12 businessmen who lent almost £14 million to Labour last year expect to be repaid, a survey by The Daily Telegraph has found.
    Suggests it will bankrupt Labour.
  2. That is what living beyond your means will eventually bring to your door.

    I am trying to feel bad for them, honest .... no can't.

    I thought this was about taxes, but hey. this will do.

    Why don't they sell some MP seats? Or at least the chance to vie for them in the election.

    Maybe they good mortage some of their offices.
  3. Blur has bankrupted the Party and Brown is carring out standard Labour policy of Bankrupting the cuntry.
  4. Our company Boss donated a considerable sum of dosh.... an email came round yesterday expressing we were not to talk to the press whatsoever and that his actions were not to be connected with the company, he was acting on his own.


    Back peddle - BACK PEDDLE!!!

  5. I wonder if the proprietor of the Priory Group will ask for his money back, or whether the profits from their contract with MoD will suffice. Lord Drayson i(Defence Procurement Minister) is another donor who's done rather well out of government contracts, too. All very murky.
  6. Typical with the Bliar spin. However, what about the military, I was always told that if you joined the top units (life guards / Blues and Royals) as a potential officer, you made a donation to the mess to get your commission and effectively 'bought' you way into the unit. I believe something similar used to (or probably still does) happen in the woodentops. We have all seen the poncey officers whose IQ and shoe-size are remarkably similar, that would normally never get through selection let alone a nursery, but 'daddy' bought the commission. Allegedly.
  7. Do you know any lending institution or individual who doesn't expect their money back?

    Does this suggest that Labour never intended giving the money back?

    So 7 don't expect to be repaid. Which means it was not a loan but a "donation". Moreover, it was a very considerable and undisclosed donation!!!!! :wink:
  8. I think there is a conspiracy between Labour and the Oxford Dictionary as 'loan' now seems to be a word for payment (nonreturnable) in exchange for a peerage and not the 'loan' I had with the Nat West where I didn't even get a gong let alone a peerage and I had to pay every fcuking penny back with interest.
  9. Crock of sh*t. No-one is commisioned that hasn't been through Sandhurst and I can assure you that when I was there no matter what the background everyone was treated the same no matter into which unit they were commisioned.
  10. Merkator the Daily Telegraph wrote.
    I don't think anyone who has followed my posts would attrubut any great littery skills to little old me.
    Blur has run the most corrupt government since Lloyd George.
  11. Do you include the gentlemen of exotic origins in that statement?
  12. As I said, Allegedly. regretably I served with the woodentops in the 80's and even the lads in that unit said that some of the officers bought their commission because they were from rich families. I doubt if the like of me would have got a commission as my dad was a Cpl in crab-air, so very low down the military pecking order.
  13. Bobos you may be able to buy a commision in a regiment, in not so many words, ie. by tradition you donate a sum to the mess to gain acceptance, as you alledge to in your post.

    Passing RCB, RMAS and which ever YO course you then require to take up the aformentioned commisioned post on the other had is all down to hard work and your own merits.