Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by yannie, May 19, 2005.

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  1. I wish people like myself had a place to stay when we want to see our troop`s.

    The thing is our safety and no one wants to be stuck in some location in a different country and sometime`s not even being able to speak the same language.

    And i dont think a lady , should have to marry a gentleman to be able to spend time with him.

    It is not that i want a house to live in with my boyfriend , because i was not brought up in this way.

    It is just when single girl`s come to see there boy friend`s etc you have to stay outside the location.

    A single lady in a european country on here own is not a bed of roses , especially when he is working and dont have much time to see her because they both have different occupation`s in different country`s and a degree to complete.

    kindest regards

    kindest regards
  2. Yannie, take this to the Welfare board. There are salutions to this, contact houses etc.
  3. Ever thought of hotels?
  4. What different countries are you referring to? Surely not operational theatres!
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    sounds like conjugal visits to a USA jailhouse
  6. Do often 'pop' and visit your bloke while he's on Op's, exercise etc?
  7. Yannie,

    the short answer to your slightly 'out there' question is that you have no rights necessarilly until you become Mrs. The Army is fortunately one of the last bastions of Morality, or indeed and better phrased is one one of the last bastions that pays lip service to a moral code.

    Visiting your bloke; where is he that you feel the need to be kept safe?
  8. Yannie,

    Can I take this opportunity to verse you a little better on the way it really is.

    I assume by mentioning your safety refers to the more dangerous places your partner may be sent. The Army is very unique in that as the partner of a soldier you will be expected to endure their absence, personal upheaval and unpredictability of what the future holds. You have to think carefully before you take such a commitment on. You will never achieve what you are asking for.

    Please be aware that the places you wish to visit your partner in are definitely not suited to visiting partners. There is a considerable amount of intense pre-deployment training for the troops at a huge cost to the MOD. This training is not all about military tactics but also familiarity with the country they are about to deploy in and the reason why. This cost will never spread to accommodate partners and nor should it. You should ask who could offer you such safety? Most definitely not the Army as their role is already decided and cannot accommodate care of visiting partners. It would be opportune to recall the horrific executions that were inflicted on civilians in these countries.

    You also mentioned not being able to speak the foreign language. If I do have it wrong, I apologise but the inability to speak a foreign language is no argument for justification. Squaddies have survived in Germany for many years with a vocabulary from "bier bitte" to "mit mayo".

    As for the proving you are engaged clause. You must realise it is very easy to prove engagement in the sense that a ring is all it needs. A line has to be drawn. Marriage, carries with it a certificate recognised in law. With this, the Army will provide a home, furniture if required, support and if your partner is away, more support. If a response were how unfair the Army is then I would ask an employer be found that offers as much as the Army.

    I hope this enlightens you a little more, only from your post I figured you are in a very dark room.
  9. Except for the danger part to the military partner, most of it can also be applied to certain civilian professions.
    Jobs in the aviation industry or in the merchant marine also often include long seperations of the partners.
    IMO a different country with a different language doesn´t mean that life is dangerous.
    Due to my job I also live in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend, and since she is sharing a house with several other women in Dublin, who don´t fancy to have male sleep in visitors (thinking of their reputations), when I visit her we normaly have to stay in a hotel or B&B.
    Also, she has no problems visiting me in Germany, though she doesn´t speak a word German, contrary, she got along quite well, doing her girl things like shopping.
    When I was living in Shannon, Ireland, I also shared a house with several other blokes (same reason as why my girl is sharing her´s in Dublin. Accomodation was so expensive that, even though we were earning quite well as aircraft maintenance engineers we couldn´t afford appartments, so we threw our money together and rented a house, with each of us having one room, but shared kitchen, sitting room and bathroom), so the place was not very female visitor friendly (no privacy).

  10. Bless ya yannie, the singular point with the army is that you HAVE to marry them to be with them. and beleive me i know, there i was planning to marry my Fussy NEXT june and now marrying him THIS August so that i can be with him when he gets posted. He was in Iraq for 8 months last year and i missed him greatly but by no means did i wish myself THERE!

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder and that!