We Tankies always loved you!!In a non sexual way.

Discussion in 'REME' started by Arthur3bums, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi All
    Sorry for the intrusion into your EMER type high brow conversations. As an ex 3RTR chap I'm on the 'hidden 3RTR thread' normally.
    I do artwork and have been posting pictures on both the RAC and 3RTR threads for my pals. If you'd care to look on the RAC thread you'll see my work. I've just sorted this picture out for prints as a tribute to the RAC and our erstwhile Fitters who struggled with the L60 for many years.Just thought this may be of interest to you? Anyone interested prices etc are on the RAC thread. Once more I apologise for the intrusion. I can be contacted on malcycee@yahoo.co.uk. Thankyou.

  2. Thats quite impressive - don't suppose you got any of Rapier lol!!!!
  3. blindfire
    I can do whatever people want as private commissions. I'm working on NI for someone at the mo. So Rapier? No prob, if enough people wanted it then I'd do a print to get the cost down. On the print side, I'm slowly building up a stock of work and, in the fullness of time (and my wallet) I'll have a website. I'll never get rich at it, it's more a hobby than anything, I just like to give people something that'll rekindle memories of the army.
    I do plan to do something for Chieftain packlifts though - as a print. For commissioned A3 pencil work (mounted ready to frame and usually including themselves) people pay me £70 a throw incl P&P. Loads of folk have said I should up my prices but, I'd like to be able to give you guys something for your memory but affordable.
    Thanks mate for your interest.
  4. Excellent prints mate but have too many presentation pieces on the walls and garage as it is. Your very talented and I could taste the oil from just looking at the L60. :D
  5. Malcycee yer a good man.

    I spent a couple of splendid years with 3RTR and four excellent years with 2RTR as an Ece and loved you all right back in an equally none sexual way.

    Good luck Mate and thanks.
  6. First posting 4RTR, getting up close & personal with Chieffy MBT, many Soltaus, Med Man, Aachmer & Hohne execises, then later on, 32 Engrs wrestling with the AVLB & AVRE (& even CHARRV) variants. Even later, as part of 2 Bn REME, Cheiffy came back to haunt me. Hated the beast at the time, but now that it's gone, I'll miss it.
  7. Arthur3bums

    To be honest I'm interested.
    I realise it would be a one off - so to speak!!!

    The money is not really a problem - within limits of course ha ha.

    I will get back to u.

    Have you got a e-mail address - I tried the Yahoo one but nothing appeared !!!!!!!!
  8. Ece69 - you fixed that inf telephone yet?? See ya in the brams in July
  9. I should like to say thankyou to you for the friendly comments you've made guys. I plan a few 'TankieREME' type pieces of work. If you have an association or gang of lads that request enough of 'em, I could set up a print just for you.
    Blindfire mate
    To confirm.......my personal email is malcycee@yahoo.co.uk thanks again lads.
  10. The_IRON

    I was thinking more along the lines of the IM60 or even the GUE. Coventry Climax H30, what a pain in the @rrse that thing was. Then engine was fine it was always the 350A gene that got in the way, and as for changing it in situ. Well!!!!!!!!

    Apart from that, Arthur, you were obviously wasted on the tanks.
  11. I served with 3 RTR from 85 to 87. Was C sqn fitter section.

    Can you or do you have any drawings of a cent ARV? I enjoyed my time with the Armd farmers as we were all from the west country, and me being from Bristol did me some good as I could understand what they were saying. had a good rugby team as well when I played with them.

    You can run, but you cant hide???
  12. Whooooa, you need to PM me with your real ID!! I'm ex C Squadron so would have known you!!! You'd better not be the one who took a hun into the shower and did AWFUL things to her before throwing her into another guy's room. If you aren't he then you'll know who I mean??
    Cent ARV is to come as I have fine recollections of 'the Beast'.
  13. Aye,

    That brings back some memories and the good old 7A-10A GUE conversions. Just got a shiver up my back--lol
  14. All this talk about pack 'n' genny lifts. It makes the adrenaline flow all over again!! How I remember us all stood on the open decks, all poised like at an olympic swimming event then, as the offending object was finally lifted clear.............GO and everyone piled in. Looking for dropped spanners!!! The tankie's prize spanner being 7/16 1/2 which, fell from many a hand trapped down the walls of the hull!!!!! Strangely, it was ALWAYS missing from the CES!!!! You were THE lads!! Quicker than weasels at spanner retrieval.
  15. As a young Cfn being introducted to Chieftain for the first time I was only a slim lad so was easy to be shoved down between small gaps to retrieve tools by my full screw. Obviously as time as gone on and into my more mature old crusty Artisan figure Id be lucky to fit down an empty hull :wink: