We should be proud of you!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by doc53, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. I am really angry,

    I am watching that git Snow on channel 4 reporting on HRH Harry.

    First the git gobs off about how the press were censored (bollocks),

    Secondly he is gobbing off about what Muslims may think about Harry saying "Terry Taliban".

    Sod them, dont blow us up we wont call you Terry!

    Why should any of our HRH's be forced to sneak about! Be proud and shoot anything that presents a threat.

    That is still one better that being a coward that is willing to kill innocent women and children with terrorist bombs for no other reason than "Allah wills it".

    Many parts of our society may want to brush you under the carpet because your war is unpopular. Just as many don't.

    I am many like me am bloddy proud of you and the bravry you show daily.

    (Ulike that twat Snow)!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Cheers Doc,

    It's good to know there are people out there supporting the boys,
    Political correctness b*ll*cks, yet again, looking for a reaction, Snow's a wnaker anyway.
  3. Well if God wills innocent people to die in terrorist acts, then he wills Taliban to have .50 cal holes drilled in them by our ginger war prince, so fcuk em!

    Especially the ones called Terry!
  4. Couldn't agree more - nice to see the lad doing his bit. Shame he has to come home, but it wouldn't be the first time someone's been pulled out of an Op Theatre due to persec - used to happen in NI IIRC, so there's nowt new, except that he's HRH.

    Loved the cap btw - the thing to wear from now on I think to show support and appreciation!!! :p :lol: :p

  5. didnt see the back, apparently it had a comment on it?
  6. My old Ma-in -law has vowed never to watch Snow again. She may be a bit cantakerous, but she is very much on the ball. Her opinions of him are on a par to those about G.W. Bush and Anthony Bliar. Now that says a lot!
  7. Seconded. Kill them all, let Allah sort them out! :twisted:
  8. "We do bad things to bad people!" :twisted:

    Good Drills, young man! :D
  9. I want one, in black or dark blue!
  10. Young Prince Hal has shown his true colours and good on him.
  11. I went to uni with Snow's daughter. She was a specky minger...and ginger!!!!
  12. Well?
  13. This is part of the problem Doc. Cnuts like Snow get airtime on TV and spout their sh*te. The majority of the country are proud of HRH but we dont hear enough of it.

    The part about Terry Taliban doesnt surprise me because these mutants are good at defending our enemies and always appear concerned about hurting their feelings. (Although i do take offence as my name is Terry and i may be forced to start a petition to change it to Trevor Taliban)

    Bottom line is he has done his country proud, and seen as i will be there in a couple of weeks i tend not to listen to the lefty tw*ts.
  14. Yes yes yes, all well and good, but where do I get me one of those awesome hats?
  15. Well what do you expect from a git like snow? He is only an oily mouthpiece of his best mates blair and brun, who know gob all about our armed services and care even less. But as every serviceman/women knows - we don't serve any government - we only serve the monarch. That of course will be news to labourites who called blair c-in-c. He wouldn't know one end of a mess tine from another. Unlike our Queen, who not only served in the ATS during the war, but her grandfather, father, uncles, cousins, husband, son and now grandson have all fought in war zones with distinction.
    God Bless you Ma'am, and well done Harry - you won yer spurs!