We seem to talk about our rank a little too much!!!

Discussion in 'ACF' started by pobarg, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Guys I haven't posted for a while, but I don't seem to have missed much it's all the same sh1t.........."I'm a sgt this"......"I'm a something that.".......ones sense of self worth should come from within and from ones own morals and standards............we play a game, it is governed by a set of rules and you either play it well or not.........lets not forget that in comparison to young men who are currently dying in a sandpit a long long way from home what we do pales in comparison, if you want to big it up crack on, but eventually some fukcer will catch you out and then.......well that only leads to a break down in your own credibility..........I think this organisation and it 's values are great and so are most of the staff in it.............and to be honest I haven't earned my rank and if you are honest with yourselves a vast majority of those banging on about it here haven't either..................PHEW! rant over!!

    Play on......................
  2. Its tough being a General
  3. pobarg, sounds like you're picking a fight with, erm, yourself. Where's the shame in somebody introducing themselves - it paints a mental picture for those responding to the thread. If you are on a guilt trip because you've been over promoted that's your problem - not ours!! Get over yourself. Oh, and post something with a point - even if it's a rant.
  4. yeah a sh!T rant, heard it all before
  5. Join the real army 'the regs' and then you can talk about rank.
  6. no - pobarg, i agree with you ... there do seem to be a lot of posts along the lines of 'ACF rank, is it real'.

    you have a point, you wanted to raise it ... no harm done - i appreciate your modesty and grounded thinking
  7. Who cares, they are kids and if they respect you they will listen regardless of "rank"

  8. ahhh so this is a WAH - always wondered what one was :lol:
  9. Here we go again!
  10. It's fair comment. Sadly you meet both ends of the sqectrum in the ACF. I knew an SI who had been in for 14 years, with no promotion, but they were in it for the right reasons,ie training the cadets and helping them progress. Heart in right place and head screwed on. On the flip side I know an SMI who thought it was great having recruits on a training depot brace up as he went past, and wondered why I wasn't bothered that I wasn't an SMI. Sad to say this man is an ex reg NCO, who should know better.
  11. can't call them "kids" anymore, you have to refer to them as "Cadets"

    some nationwide respect thingy apparently :?
  12. They are kids, couldn't give a dam about some PC crap
  13. Surely that would be 'young person' as cadet might indicate tendencies towards violence and a strange compulsion to wear green that might offend some sheep loving hippy throwback who would rather see the money invested in their benefit payments!

    PC - i find that offensive!
  14. yet another stupid thread about rank, ooh is my rank real ? is your rank real ? OoooooOoh let me wet myself in excitment over my rank and your rank wowowowowow ....

    I couldn't give a flying fück !!
  15. Well said. Get on with it. The rank goes with the job and means nothing outside the ACF.

    No wonder people slag us off. Stop worrying about your rank and start giving cadets enjoyable training.