Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by yamkwak, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Wonder if we can persuade US cops to work over here :twisted:
  2. Superb! If only we could do that. Our lads would be on trial for murder now until proved innocent! They would eventually be found guilty of using excessive force and find themselves out of a job with no pension!
  3. I hope not. 30% of the shots missed the target.
    He wasn't even a moving target.
    Hardly quality shooting. More like American cowboys.
  4. The bit that impressed me the most was the way the Sherriff was backing his lads up to the hilt and more or less saying 'kill one of us and you will end up in a body bag', SUPERB, could you imagine a Police 'BOSS' over here backing any officer up after a shoot?? Don't think so. :roll: :roll:
  5. Grumpy - reckon you could do better?
    One less scumbag on the planet. Job well done.
    I'll buy those guys a beer anytime.
  6. What was the reply to the question (in the Gib Shootings Coroners inquest) 'Why did you shoot him thirteen times'? :lol:
  7. As a police officer here, let me elaborate on a few things.

    This was Florida, where this occurred. Many parts of this country, wouldn't tolerate what occurred. In fact, don't be surprised if there is all sorts of backlash because of this shooting. I'll bet you, right now, the Sheriff gets flack for his statement and backing his deputies (I agree with all he said and the outcome).

    As for the "American Cowboy's," once again from a person who has never been placed in such a situation, talking out of his a$$.
  8. Hiding under a fallen tree suggests pretty good cover from both view and fire, also, we dont know what the range was. 68 hits from 110 rounds sounds pretty good to me.
  9. Yup, same at Princes Gate.
  10. Very true, mate. Coppers over here are not allowed to administer Summerary Justice; that's why we, as tax-payers, are currently paying for at least three cop-killers thatI can recall to enjoy a life of relative luxury in HM Hotels(sorry, prisons).
    If the scum knew slotting a copper would result in them being turned into Swiss cheese by the dead cop's comrades, they might think twice before pulling the trigger or using the knife.
    You have human rights as long as you behave like a human being. Behave like a mad dog and you deserve to be shot like one.
    End Rant.
  11. Actually grumpy I think the figures for Police shoots are 70 per cent of shots fired in an incident 'miss' the target because the cops are too busy shouting at the suspect to comply.!!!!! Have you ever tried shouting at someone to comply and judjing 'ARE THEY ABOUT TO TAKE MY/SOMEONES LIFE?' :?:
  12. Here in NYC several years ago there was a Police shooting where almost 250 rounds were fired at One man. This all Happened in the Borough of Queens, specifically along Queens Blvd. near the Courthouses.

    A Chinese Immigrant had Murdered his landlord, then gone to the landlady's place of employment & Murdered her as well, also shooting several other Employees, Customers.

    A Passing Taxi Driver on Queens Boulevard also took several Hits from him as he ran into an Parking garage, where he Murdered another driver.

    Once inside NYPD officers & ESU(SWAT) formed a Skirmish line inside the garage looking for him. He let them pass then fired , hitting one Officer in the thigh(Femoral Artery hit).

    As the Officer Bled out the rest opened fire with everything they had(9mm, .38Spl., 12Ga.), to Cover 2 Officers carrying the Wounded officer to Safety.

    The Perp was DOA.
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I know there's much more to the story than the journos ever write, and the only facts I know only are gleaned from what I read in the Reuters link, but going only by the headline doesn't it look odd to you ?
    If that were gen up then it would logically follow that your life would be forfeit if a police offr only accuses you of any capital crime.

    It does get rid of those expensive courts & that ridiculous notion of using evidence and police work to prove actual guilt though.

    Or maybe I'm the oddball here & have misunderstood the whole thing.
  14. A friend of mine in Fla. took a potshot with his trusty .45" ACP at an intruder who fled; sadly unharmed. Rod (ex-USN helo pilot) then spoke to the patrolman who arrived and quickly said there was no problem with him shooting the intruder. Moreover he helpfully reminded him that had he shot and injured the intruder, to make sure he was inside Rod's property line when law enforcement arrived "even if that means dragging him back in sir..."