We Remember them..

Inspired by Gas Gas Gas, Blue Sophist and Niner D's recent posts on another topic.

At this time of year and at Hogmanay I remember these fine chaps;

Pte Thomas M*l**ky 3615 1st Madras Fusiliers - Indian Mutiny Medal - succumbed to illness.

Pte Alexander M*l**ky 6729 2nd Bn Royal Scots Fusiliers KIA France 13/3/1915

Pte James M*l**ky 201129 1st/5th Bn (T) Highland Light Infantry KIA France 22/5/1918 (age 39)

Pte William M*l**ky 14748613 7th/9th Bn Royal Scots KIA France 21/1/43 (age 23)

God Bless You All

Sparky M*l**ky

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