We really should follow France's lead on Roma

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Oct 13, 2010.

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  1. Police raided 16 addresses and found 103 kids crammed in, smuggled into the UK for the purposes of carrying out Benefit Fraud and Muggings.

  2. Agreed human scum each and every one of them, why were they ever allowed to enter in the first place, oh yeah I forgot New Liebour
  3. I would suggest there is an important difference between effectively restricting immigration, which I'd agree is necessary, and targeting a particular ethnic group which to me sounds rather like Nazism.
  4. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Nothing to do with Labour at all. The Single European Act which guarantees the rights of free movement for people, goods, and capital was brought in by the Tories.

    Sorry to piss on your chips.
  5. But isn't there a clause that says that the EU Citizen should not be a burden on the host nation, and that is what France is using to kick them out
  6. Friend of mine lives in France - I asked him a couple of weeks ago about France's attitude to the Roma. This was his reply:

    "There are three reasons for the expulsion of the Roma (now called travellers). Crime is definitely at the top as they rarely work, often preferring to live by theft. Secondly, they are a drain on the already overloaded French social security system and do not contribute because they rarely do any work. The free movement of people between EU member states does not permit nationals of a less developed economy from moving to a richer member state and living off the state. They must be self-supporting i.e. in employment or, if retired, in receipt of a pension or other income. Thirdly, they live in appalling squalor, setting up makeshift encampments on the edges of towns with no sanitation or water supply. This is a health hazard.
    They are a far cry from the traditional view of gipsies with gaily painted horse drawn caravans; they are more or less extinct now."

    So there you are - there are lots of reasons why we could send these bgugers packing, but our authorities are so petrified of offending others that they let them proliferate wherever they want.
    We should adopt a much stronger position than we currently do - as with France's position, they contribute nothing to our society, therefore they should get nothing from it.
  7. and those who were born her and the same applies???
  8. Third post,and Godwin is delighted.
  9. Was in a bar last night that allows me to use their back room for a club I run. Talking to the owner after and he said than on the 8th of September 3 Roma women came into the bar and ordered coffee which they took an hour over. On his own so could not leave. In the meantime it transends that their Roma men were turning over his house which is adjacent to the bar. they took all the money he was due to pay for the years Gas/Water/Elec/Public Music licence etc., so he is now working out the year owing more than he has taken in. And one wonders why the Hungarians hate the f***ers.
    They may make up a small percentage of the population here but they purpetrate the majority of that sort of crime.
  10. I thought it would have been in at number 2. People must be getting slower.
  11. All the more reason that we don't need to import anymore layabout criminals then ain't it? Especiall as the scrounging twats will all vote labour if given half a chance.

    Despite the usual racist cries of "They do the jobs that the indiginous Brits are too lazy to do" the fact remains that unemployment is higher amongst the colonists than it is amongst the legitimate population of these islands. Which kinda exposes that lie as do the crime figures.

    Deport anyone that breaks any of our laws.... that especially includes bogus asylum claims.
  12. Why do people insist on calling them "roma"??? What's wrong with good old fashion "Pikey cunts"???
  13. What he said.
  14. It's a throwback to their original name which I believe was 'Aroma'. This has shortened to 'Roma' over the years - the rationale underpinning the granting of the name, however, lingers on.
  15. Quite right I agree they shouldn't be targeted. Anyone who moved here and isn't working should go.