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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. The BBC programme filmed in Ipswich. That programme needed to have someone who knows benefits hey diddles on board. There were so many questions leaping out. Adult non dependents and housing benefits positions. Whether a carer premium was in payment etc etc. One guy was saying he has to make his rent up £250 a month from his own benefits but if you check the Ipswich LHA rates back a couple of years he seemed to be quoting an LHA rate that has deductions for an adult non dependent. And whether with a carer premioum they were escaping signing on the dole.

    A guy with his useless degree in Media studies who wouldn't take any work he considered below him. Living "Rent free" but when the prog turns up he has not been at the house overnight ? Time to look at Grandpappy and the extra bedroom for an adult non dependent or whether matey boy living rent free is claiming housing benefits and being allowed to pocket it making him an extra £100 a week.

    Another guy just as his 21 year old son he brought up as a single father hit 16 he had a couple more sprogs to bring up as a single dad. And he was beefing about lung problems. He don't know lung problems from a hole in his arse.

    Next week the benefits people have to work alongside the taxpayers they paired with.
  2. I strongly suspect that you live not too far from me. I find that thought very unsettling.
  3. Yes because fraudsters everywhere, of benefits or otherwise, agree to take part in television programs on the subject of fraud.

    If you want to spot someone "doing the double" with a camera, they'll be the individual that stabs you and drops a breeze block on your head as soon as you point one at them.
  4. Well it was a passing thought about the family with an extra bedroom for Grannie. I think the programme said the family received £16000 in benefits. Part of that being housing benefits which left a £250 a month shortfall on their £850 rent. So they had to pay out £250 from their food and bills component of benefit to make the rent up.

    Grannie being a pensioner would not create an adult non dependent deduction of housing benefit (about 8 quid a week). So if their rent figure falls below the Ipswich 4 bed rate then they either are having deductions for a benefits overpayment or they have a working age adult in the house expected to contribute towards rent.

    Grannie if we add pension credit guarantee, a couple of components of DLA or Attendance Allowance and a carer premium to the family income support could represent circa 15 grand income. If you add that to the 16 grand the family say they are living on it could represent a household income of £31000.

    That income may actually be their entitlement (At the moment) But you see this all the time (Dominic Littlewoood Saints and Scroungers etc) the media seems to simply get its research wrong.

    Four Zero Charlie. If I live near to a person who carries a public health warning that he carries the malice bug isn't it me who should be concerned ? Funnily enough I am not though.
  5. Interesting programme; I wonder if it could have been made 5 years ago? I think it shows how the public mood has changed since Brown came into power.
  6. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    The message I took from that programme was that apart from the lazy Molly-cuddled student with every latest hi-tech gadget known to man - was that something is drastically wrong with our benefits system when you have people better off on benefits than they are working. Something we've known for years of course. Interesting too that they briefly touched on the fact that half the total welfare budget is purely paid out in pensions and the so called "scroungers" only account for 10% of that.

    I'm sure next week we'll see exactly why the unemployed are exactly that. Unable to work for 5 mins without sitting down and acting all tired etc. But when the socialist government of the past decade and a half have effectively removed that survival instinct from society and made it so easy for them to idle as such - then can you really blame them overall?

    I blame Gordon Brown.

    No really, I do in this case :)
  7. I look further back to the Thatcher govt where large industry was thrown aside and so were the people. Several thousands applying for one job and the start of the benefit tit. It's these families that are still claiming.
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  8. Do you mean the large industry that was effectively kept alive by massive subsidiaries from the Tax payer, forcing CEGB to buy overpriced coal at home whilst paying rent to store the cheap coal from overseas that CEGB had already paid for, that saw massive investment in the first few years of Thatcher's Government, that saw more pits close under Wilson than Thatcher ?

    But let's not spoil a lazy, imaginery narrative......
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  9. Where is our heavy industry now? Do any other countries subsidise industry, do we still subsidise anything?
    I think I'm probably right that its these people still on benefits.
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  10. Ask Tony Bliar and Gordon Brown where British industry is now ? Let's not spoil that story line by pointing out that MORE jobs in industry were lost under Labour than under Thatcher shall we..?
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  11. For an intelligent bloke you always start talking complete cock when you put your Labour glasses on.

    If those industries were profitable they would have kept going, or someone else would have taken them over and kept them going. However, they weren't, so they went. Outrageous union demands and practices really didn't help matters. It was also at that time that production of many things was moved to the East, where labour costs were a lot less.

    Now the same thing is happening to China - wages are rising, so people are moving production to places like Myanmar and VN where labour is cheaper.

    Try reading this - Margaret Thatcher Did Not Devastate Or Destroy British Industry. - Forbes
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  12. You said "Bliar".
  13. Oh ffs....its like a broken record. Large industry was doomed, the Thatcher government just did the kindest thing and put it out of its misery. Did she shag your cat as well?

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  14. Where did I say I'm a Labour supporter? Profitable isn't the same as useful or we wouldn't have an NHS.
    It seems the idle are now earning more than working class people and its wrong, does that make me a Tory?
    If we pay them more than minimum wage let them work harder than someone on minimum wage.
  15. A bouncebannana thread that has a life? Whatever next a star in the east to show us the way?
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