We owe it all to the SCUM.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shaka, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. What campaign was that then? Seriously though, did they actually have one?
  2. What campaign? Seriously , what campaign?

    Is this a campaign of the same extraordinary magnitude as the Sun's epic fight over Military hospitals?

    Was the 'camapign' the "Army closed for Christmas" story?

    Can anyone remember a dedicated campaign in the print version of the Sun?
  3. So it had nothing to do with the hard work of those who were interviewed by the Board and all who made representations to the Board?

    The Board works on evidence and the evidence staring it in the face was that recruiting is less than required and that retention has fallen off a cliff. New recruits are the winners but are still paid less than comparable jobs in civvie street - and the Board specifically mentioned that the uniformed emergency services are still better remunerated.

    Nothing to do with the Sun, whatsoever!

  4. The Scum, like all the red tops are full of it...... and themselves.

    But their 'readers' are so stupid that they probably won't ever notice. In fact I'd go so far as to say that the Scum's 'readers' saw that the squaddies got a huge pay rise in the Scum and automatically believed it.
  5. Whislt a pay rise to the troops is much deserved due to the amount of work they do, i feel the GP's who didnt get a pay rise is justified as many of them are over paid anyway.
    most nurses are under paid as well but how many squaddies have to cover the strike action or go into hostile zones compared to regualr nurse's,
    Mind you most nurses are leaving the UK to go to better paid countrys, which is much the same any other trades, just that nurses are more in demand
  6. Why don't the Scum just GO AWAY? They do no good. They're parasites. Taking credit when none is due and inflamming tensions (not as bad as daily hate there though).

    Scum: go die in a hole.

    Those serving: congrats on increase in beer tokens, especially privates and lance jacks: you've earnt it
  7. Stated by the inimitable JC MC PARA:
    Newspapers exist to sell newspapers.

  8. I did not write the article, simply showing the absurd claim by the SUN
  9. You imagine what sort of 'hate' story the Scum would put out if they found out some squaddie was claiming the glory for someone else's actions? I can see the headlines "No Hoper Steals Glory", "Glory Theft Shame" and so forth. Okay for them to do it though isn't it.

    Add that to the old calling squaddies "Our Boys" when they are doing good and sh1tting on them when they have a bad day, and you can understand why I haven't touched, looked at, let alone bought a red top since 2003. And as long as there is bog paper available I don't intend to.
  10. Their readers are so stupid mate, they probably wouldn't have noticed.

    Low down thing to do though. Taking credit for doing f*ck all.
  11. Surely someone must have seen a campaign by the Sun somewhere?

    Is it too much to ask one of the journos here to do a bit of digging in the Press association archives?
  12. I also heard this morning that the Nurses pay is split into two payments over the year so it is in fact alot less
  13. I've just run these words, "soldier pay campaign" through the NEON search engine - used by hacks all the time. It will pick up any article with these three words in it somewhere.

    64 articles were written in the last 6 months, but there is no sign whatsoever of a Scum campaign.

    The Sunday Telegraph, onthe other hand, has done its bit.
  14. So in other words, the campaign appears to have been maybe misplaced?

    Oh dearie dearie me. Maybe this might be of interest to you hacks who DO actively support the Forces?

    I mean , if the Sun has temporairily misplaced it's campaign as it were, then surely they should be helped to find it?

    Maybe it's been mis-archived in NEON?