we must show gordon we not happy

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fatboy1907, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. lets get together and march to no 10
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You are confused. Brown does not give a flying fcuk about your happiness or otherwise. In fact your unhappiness is an indicator that his revenge on the armed forces is having an effect.

    Even as self deluded twunt as Brown would not imagine that anyone connected to the Armed Forces is ever going to vote for him or his cronies so we have no clout.
  3. Just shoot the one eyed jock git. Lets face it , it will be the only use your rifle gets for the next six months.
  4. He doesn't give a c**P..and if you want to see how he is turning the tables then look at this quote from the BBC website this morning about an increase in troop numbers....

    The BBC's defence correspondent Caroline Wyatt said: "The prime minister will want assurances from military chiefs that the extra troops will be properly equipped.

    Surely the other way around...what a complete f**k wit
  5. Yeah lets make this happen! I have a thermos and my mum said she would make us some sandwiches so we can stay all day. Lets show Cyclops and the Zanu Liarbour gobment who they are really messing with :x

    Can someone bring a camera to take some pics for my facebook page, I have one on my mobile but it's only 1.3 megapixels so we can use it in an emergency.
  6. I think it is only a matter of time before the TA is sld off to the prvate sector, just like the trains, schools hospitals etc etc. Who can afford to buy it?

  7. Joking aside (seriously), isn't time you chaps all resigned. If you did it en masse, McRuin would have to take notice - at the moment I fear he is 'doing a Nelson' and regarding the world with his telescope held up to the wrong eye........ and probably the wrong way round too! Cnut.
  8. Doubt it; he would be more convinced that he has more money for the money sucking dregs of society, who will vote (as they don’t have jobs)

    He can also use the TAC as displacement centres or social clubs to house are new potential oppressed from Europe and other oppressed countries
  9. They've got problems with the planning permission. Too centrally placed on major road & tram routes.
  10. Perhaps the cyclops thinks he's William Wallace and that this is actually all a ploy to weaken our defences so that the Scots can invade and take revenge!

    Or perhpas other posters are right and he really doesn't give a flying fcuk about the Armed Forces in any capacity. As with all other (corrupt) MPs, is more worried about spending money on making sure the moats are clean and illegal workers are paid off!

    I'm over-qualified for Tescos, I should give Waitrose a shout!
  11. No .. you cant waste money on rounds .. bayonets fixed :twisted:
  12. WRONG! After April the TA is to be disbanded and the counties are to form militias, loosely resembling a poor man's national guard unit, to join you need to agree to volunteer unpaid, to buy your own uniform and weapon, pay as you dine and all club together to pay for vehicle hire and ammunition etc.

    The present expense claimers aka browns clowns are planning on all of us still being present after April and picking up where we left off, but at little cost. The only way to get a message is for the TA to vote with their feet and not do the bidding of Brown. Yes attend remembrance parades, in suits etc (or if in uniform then in the audience), with the Vets, old and bold and the like- some parades will look empty of troops on parade but with a large swell of old and bold marching instead.

    Just my twopence worth
  13. Absurd. If you're not serving fine. However, if you are, political expression of this nature does nothing for the organisation and is better suited to the Scouts, Salvation Army and the like. For better or worse, we are a tool of the government and in a democratic society, the government is changed through election. If you want something different then remember to vote next year.
  14. Excellent - just like the olden days. Do I get to bring my own horse??
  15. I say we reform the TA as a mercenary militia.

    charge the government a single fee of 1 Bn to solve the Afghan situation. take the money. buy a GBFO atom bomb. flatten Afghanistan. have everyone think we're fecking awesome. have the MoD beg us to reinstate as the TA. tell them to 4cough for binning us. continue charging the government massive sums of money to dispose of countries.