We must put safety before liberty, says Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. :evil:

    Nail, coffin for the hammering into

    And sorry to invoke Godwin's law so early on, but didn't Hitler say something similar? He got himself into absolute power by fostering a climate of fear about terrorists (communists), and then just dissolved the democratic institutions with a flurry of the pen. Are we going down a similar road?
  2. What it effectively allows for is internment... Albeit without the camps.

    Some people never learn. :twisted:
  3. And this is what the Great Helmsman has to say about it:


  4. And this is what good old Boris has to say:


  5. And the Editor's response to The Leader of the Multicultural Peoples' piece:


  6. Dam you stoatman, i was just about to post that! :D

    Sets a very worrying trend!
  7. Another example of why I've made the right decision in emmigrating. I'm beginning to understand what it was like being a jew fleeing the Nazis in the thirties.

    This vicious government is trying to give itself the right to lock up people it doesn't like. I don't think we've had political prisoners since the Civil War.

    How long before they try to give themselves the right to kill citizens they don't like?
  8. There is some scope for consolation.

    This Bill is unlikely to clear the Lords.

    Bliar is on his way out - polling by the FT has narrowed the Lab/Tory gap to 2%.

    Even if Neu Arbeit did succeed in their Draconian aims, this country has a habit of turning nastily on leaders that stray, in one way of another.
  9. Let's hope you're right Mr P. In the meantime everyone, just
    write habeus corpus on a sheet of paper and place it in an envelope marked

    The Labour Party

    then drop it in the post. It'll only take a few seconds of your time. Our ancestors deserve no less.
  10. I think Bliar is going to try to use this as a stick to beat the Lords and Tories with over the election, the old "soft on terrorism" bleat. However I think that it is backfiring and people with half a brain (not Scum readers obviously) are beginning to think "What next?".
  11. Unfortunately the scheming lying toads will probably have to release the Belmarsh detainees because they will be unable to get the Bill through and they will then blame all and sundry instead of accepting responsibility that they were pushing through a really cr@p Bill against all legal and political advice!
  12. It's good to see that those of us in the forces (traditionally conservative) know when the government is going too far. By allowing detention without trial and the like (and I know many have said it before) we will be letting the terrorists win. This is the easy way out.
  13. Liberty is an abstract concept that becomes all too real when it disappears.

    To trade liberty for safety is the mark of a slave society. Safety is for battery hens but they have no liberty.

    I'd rather take my chances out in the open, scratching for my living, along with the chicken hawks and the fox.
  14. I find it absolutely appalling that a man who once praticed law could come up with some of those quotes.

    According to some of the statements he made in the House of Commons, one would think that the UK has nevered suffered a terrorist attack before and only by taking away our liberty, will Britain's security be assured!

    WTF! I guess nothing really did happen before 1997. The IRA never did manage to plant any bombs in London/Manchester/Brighton/Warrington.

    How can we as a society claim to be a liberal democracy, when kangeroo courts can be convenyed on the word of a politican and you can be jailed without even knowing why!

    We didn't do this in NI so why do we need to do this now!

    What i find most annoying is that apparently the police and Int head sheds think this is a good idea! Can anyone get this confirmed or otherwise!
  15. Makes perfect sense to me!

    The safest places to live have always been the places in which the rulers had wide, arbitrary power over the lives and liberties of all they commanded: Khmer Rouge-controlled Cambodia, Red China, Nazi Germany, Zimbabwe, etc.