We must now prepare for the worst case scenario.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by EAGLE1, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. I believe that we are entering a period of severe Danger to our homeland security.

    Whilst Tony chases his dream. Here at home we are- in my opinion in grave danger.
    Because it seems to me that our soldiers are so bogged down and the focus of attention is now totally focused on the failing policy in the middle east.


    Whatever the outcome in the middle east there are going to be ramifications of the present Government policy.
    The soldiers are exhausted, the reality is that all reservists must be trained in homeland security right now.

    There is far too much concentration on maintaining the military upper hand in situations that even top brass warn are in trouble. This attitude is exhausting our precious resources.
    We must prepare now for homeland security.

    Homeland muslim bashing must end. In my opinion it is only done to further antagonise a minority. For example slagg of the minority group they get upset- react in terrible ways and that then gives credibility to keep pursuing a failing middle eastern policy(so it must stop).

    We must now train for and expect the worst outcome here at home.


    Thanks Tony -you bonehead.
  2. time for the medication, methinks! 8O
  3. I concur
  4. Ahem...better warn all those reservists to stop buggering about with CCRF training then :roll:

    I dont think the government could be more accomodating to Muslims if they circumcised their own daughters and declared shariah law. Apart from all those nasty white protestors screaming allah is our slave and Nuke Meccah everytime they are wronged and oppressed in their religion and culture...

    Lovely...and breathe....

    Would be lovely if Tony Blair read this site for starters but judging by the last 12 years im sceptical of that....
  5. Eagle1 at home with the family

  6. Is it time to raise the alert level to midly irritated
  7. Quick! Off to WH Smiths and buy the Walt Survivalism guide!!.

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  8. No, the Government has announced it will remain at 'Verging on Distracted' for the forseeable future.
  9. Why the blue text? Is it because he is used to a crayon (no sharp objects allowed?)
  10. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    I've got to ask, what do you envisage as 'the worst case scenario'?

    I have a feeling there is something more you have to say...I'm intrigued...
  11. E1, I would like to mention that many of the decaffinated brands available today are just as tasty as the real thing. ;-)

    (Plagarism is great)

    Although, I do believe it is worth raising the concern that maybe we are on the cusp of some really dark times.

  12. Just remembered a phrase I heard some time ago.

    The military plans for the worst, politicians hope for the best.

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  14. Eagle 1, I share my fears like you. I have recently covered my house in tin foil to repel particle weaponry and gamma radiation. I also as part of my strategical house review mined by drive way and blew up my neigbours houses so they couldn't be used by terrorists. All these skills I learnt from my days of ATC attachement to 49 Para and from reading the security experts guide of Airsoft International.
  15. It's because 'THEIR' atom ray synthsizers can't pick up blue text, stupid.