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We must bear the moral responsibility for our own actions!

Just had a call from my In-laws who live on the Isle of Wight. They were at their local church, for the remembrance service on Sunday, when it was hijacked by a local councillor, who stormed out mid service whilst muttering that he had "had enough of this rubbish"

Here's the story


Not wanting to give people the wrong idea about his tantrum, he has now posted a letter to the editor explaining his behaviour


Well....My moral compass is working just fine and I accept all my actions, well, most of them :wink: Who needs the Taliban, when we have would-be politicians like this at home?!
I should be outraged. But alas after the last 2 weeks I am outraged out and therefore can't be arrsed to be outraged again.

Perhaps I shall hop on the slightly miffed bus.
The guy's a Mong and will no doubt be b1tch-slapped by the electorate next time he stands for anything.

Not worth warming up the Outrage Bus for this.
What's up, sounds like the outrage bus is in for a 100,000 mile extended service?

Time to move to Switzerland where everything works and citizens have the right to rule by referendum....

I think I have cumulative outrage fatigue. Nurse?!!
not so much nfn
more like nfiw :twisted:

remeberance sunday even if your a pastafarian as I am (may his noodly appendeges bless you).
you turn up wearing a decent suit you sit there and keep your mindless views to yourself.

hopefully at the next election they can remove this twat
brighton hippy said:
not so much nfn
more like nfiw :twisted:

remeberance sunday even if your a pastafarian as I am (may his noodly appendeges bless you).
you turn up wearing a decent suit you sit there and keep your mindless views to yourself.

hopefully at the next election they can remove this twat
Or don't go in the church in the first place.
Is this the Chap?

Name Paul Birch
Address 48 Cliff Road, Cowes, IOW, PO31 8BN, England
E-mail paul@paulbirch.net and paul@paulbirch.co.uk
Web Page http://www.paulbirch.net and http://www.paulbirch.co.uk
Telephone (UK) 01983 291091

Date of Birth 25th May 1956
Marital Status Single
Employment Self-employed
employment Marconi Defence Systems Ltd, Satcoms Division, Stanmore
Plessey Radar Ltd, Advanced Systems, Cowes (now known as AMS, Tel. 01983 294141)
Secondary education Merchant Taylors' School, Crosby (1966-74)
'O' Levels Physics(1), Chemistry(1), Pure Maths(1), Applied Maths(1), French(2), English Language(2), English Literature(3), German(4), Latin(5), [1971], also Astronomy [1974]
'A' Levels Physics(A), Chemistry(A), Maths(A), General Studies(A), [1973], also 'special papers' and Further Maths [1974]
University Trinity College, Cambridge (Exhibitioner 1974-77)
Tripos Natural Sciences B.A. (Hons) 2.2 [1977]
1st year: Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology of Cells
2nd &3rd years: Physics and Maths
Project: "The Experimental Tests of General Relativity"
Post-graduate Victoria University of Manchester (1977-82),
Nuffield Radio-Astronomy Laboratories, Jodrell Bank
Further degrees Diploma in Advanced Studies in Science [1978], Radio Astronomy, "Hot-spots in Extra-galactic Radio Sources"
M.A. (Cantab) [1981]
Ph.D. "Linear Polarisation and Magnetic Fields in Extra-galactic Radio Sources" (not completed)

Publications include "Interferometric Observations of Compact Components in Extra-galactic Radio Sources" with Kerr, Conway, Davis & Stannard, Mon. Not. R. astr. Soc., 197, 921 (1981)
"Is the Universe Rotating?", Nature, 298, 451 (1982)
"Orbital Ring Systems and Jacob's Ladders - I", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 35, 475 (1982)
"Orbital Ring Systems and Jacob's Ladders - II", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 36, 115 (1982)
"Orbital Ring Systems and Jacob's Ladders - III", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 36, 231 (1982)
"Radiation Shields for Ships and Settlements", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 35, 515 (1982)
"Is Faster Than Light Travel Causally Possible?", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 37, 117 (1984)
"Can Population Grow Forever?", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 38, 99 (1985)
"Dynamic Compression Members", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 42, 501 (1989)
"Supramundane Planets", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 44, 169 (1991)
"Terraforming Venus Quickly", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 44, 157 (1991)
"Terraforming Mars Quickly", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 45, 331 (1992)
"How To Spin A Planet", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 46, 311 (1993)
"How To Move A Planet", J. Brit. interplan. Soc., 46, 314 (1993)
"A Visit To Suprajupiter", Analog, 112, 80 (Dec1992)
include "Towards a Perfect Communication System" for MSDS
"Distributed Radar Systems" for Plessey Radar
include Various articles in newspapers and magazines including The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Wireless World, Personal Computer World, etc.
"Deckchair Reading" by the Vectis Writers (edited by Paul Birch), Homespun Publications, Ventnor (1994)
and radio credits include "Horizon", "The Big Breakfast", "Midweek", etc.
includes System Engineer for RSRE Multiband Ground Terminal Study
Design, construction and test of Correlator for low-level IMPSs
Design work on various satcoms proposals, tenders and reports
Design work on various radar proposals, tenders and reports
Development of computer programmes for data fusion, etc.
include Sailing, Music, Cryptology, Science Fiction (writing and reading), Space Colonisation, Astronautics and Aeronautics, Politics, Architecture
Societies Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society resigned
Subscriber to the Libertarian Alliance
Treasurer of the Vectis Writers
Member of Solent G&S Company (Pish Tush in Mikado, Lord Mountararat in Iolanthe, etc.)
Member of Cowes Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society (Icarus in Orpheus, Abanazar in Aladdin, etc.)
Member of the United Kingdom Independence Party election summary
Town Councillor for Cowes Central, May 2003
Politics I have libertarian sympathies, but I do not call myself a libertarian: perhaps "ultraminimal monarchist" comes closest.

oh it was, bitterly cold and the wind, oooh... the wind was awful. Woke up the next morning no glass in the greenhouse and the roof had no felt on it. I was distraught, the pain tore through me.
Looks like a mong and acts like a mong. I cant comment on if he walks or smells like a mong but I bet its a yes on both counts.

Would it be morally wrong to track him down and put him out of his misery?

His explanation is shoite. If he felt that way he could have stood up and left quietly without causing offence. He chose to do otherwise and must now accept responsibility for the consequences of his own actions.

I suspect most people on the IoW are patriots and will know what to do when the time comes.

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