We might not like the Yanks but they do have some GOOD ideas

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chinooksdad, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. I was reading an article in The Economist about how prisons in the UK are so overcrowded because they are soft as shite and, until sentencing policy changes to reflect BOTH deterrence AND punishment, they will carry on filling up with chavs, pikeys and scum who use them as a free Butlins break. There are a lot of threads here about about certain reprobates (the egg-throwing scumbag for instance) who spend theri whole life just jerking the system around and see it as one big laugh and a chance to network and it seems to be a particularly emotive issue here on ARRSE.

    Well, if you have an hour or so, watch this 4OD documentary about how they deal with things over there.


    The guy doing 150 years for assault looked particularly hard done by!! And he was one of the lucky 5% who has a chance of dying on the outside providing he lives to the age of 90 and passes 3 MDTs a month!

    The new 'supermax" prisons here in the UK have had a lot of bad press however, if we had just ONE (Slough would be a great venue - put a fence round it!) and started dishing out lifes with a 20 year minimum for some of the viscous scum prowling our streets, I think even brain dead morons like our egg-hurling friend might soon get the message.

    And I'm a liberal!! What do other arrsers think?
  2. It's not their fault, it's society that made them this way and is a reflection upon us all.

    Or some such shite.
  3. I like the Mayor in the US who has put the chav convicts into tented accomodation, issued them proper striped suits and set up chain gangs for area cleaning. The great benefit of his scheme is that it is low cost. ;)
  4. You're not in touchy, feely, pink and fluffy mode this morning are you? I can tell. :twisted:
  5. And he banned coffee and cigarettes. What a guy!!!
  6. I'd vote for him!


  7. The best bit was that he used the rules that the pink and fluffy brigade came up with for the benefit of the prisoners, coffee has no nutritional benefit and cigarettes are not the best for your health, the pink boxers were i am sure done for effect but did amuse me
  8. Personally I think he's a bit of a cnut.
  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    I like the Yanks. What have you got against them?
  10. The problen though is that tough prisons are not a deterent unless the criminals believe they will get caught and sent there. The real problem in the UK is that we don't solve enough crime.
  11. I think you're wrong. The police solve plenty of crimes, most of which earn about £60.00 a pop and may involve your licence, thus proving that crime does pay.
    Not necessarily for the perpetrator though.
  12. He's lesson 101 as to why you shouldn't have elected law enforcers: too much of a conflict of interest between seeing justice done and being popular.
  13. wot he said - tired of the anti-US schyte tbh.

    Regarding soft treatment of criminals etc: it's as much of a contentious topic over there as here and has been for decades - eg the Death Wish films etc. Also, if you were to read about some of the previous records of death penalty cases, you'd wonder what on earth these people were doing outside of prison to commit the crimes which put them on death row, some crimes committed almost immediately after being paroled, or even on day release.
  14. The common factors for most low level crimes are (in no particular order),
    Drugs such as heroin in its many forms and crack cocaine,
    NEET (Not in Employment Education or Training),
    Low standard of education
    Comes from "broken" families.

    I'm not excusing anyone for this, but to fix the problem you need to attack the causes.
    Most low level crimes will have two or more of the above factors, and the Defendants will genuinely not believe they will get caught, they can barely work out what they are going to eat tonight, let alone work out that if they shoplift to feed their drug habit they are likely to get caught.
  15. I do not dispute your causes, but I would suggest that the majority are not incapable of assessing risk, rather they are well aware of the risk and know that firstly detection is not by any means certain, secondly they are well aware that is is quite easy to disuade witnesses from testifying through the threat of violence, and finally if by some mistake you do end up in court the chances of a custodial sentnce are slim.