'We live in a society where people express themselves'

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunnoficarus, Mar 29, 2012.

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  1. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

    I do worry about going outside and having to deal with utterly disposable people like this every day.
  2. Tasteless; and he looks like a right tatty **** with all those tattoos; then again, I thought Next specifically targeted people with no taste who wish to look like right tatty ***** on a modest budget. I can't see how covering yourself in ink, is going to upset the sort of people who voluntarily dress in polyester garments made by ill-rewarded Chinamen.
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  3. he'd go crying to HR 'cos dey iz repressing my individuality innit, brap, brap, aiiiy'......

    I'd kidnap him and shave his fecking head........some old b*ll*xs, totted out by these knobs.

    I blame the parents and too much diposable income.

    In my day,etc, etc.....

    .......looks like a cnut, talks like a cnut....therefore is must be a ....
  4. We actually live in a society where people whine about shit and want to sue people if they don't get their way. If he worked for me, he would be cleaning the bins.......although I wouldn't have the scroat working for me.
  5. What a tit!
  6. ReStilly, When Next took him on he had no tats. He had several warnings as he got more and more until the point that they moved him off the shop floor and into the stock room. We need feel no sympathy for his self-inflicted unemployment.
  7. Christ on a Sybian! That is a real disciple of the Emperor.
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  8. He didn't have any to start with and his bosses did on several occasions according to the article. Entirely his own fault.

    It seems people now don't see anything wrong with having shit tattoos scrawled all over their necks as witnessed by a walk round any town centre at lunchtime. Reminds me of a bloke I know who years ago, before they were the in thing, had ******* huge ear tunnel things done and several visible tattoos. When he grew up a bit, needed a real job and qualified as a dental nurse he found that not many dentists were keen to employ him. The fuckwits still undergoing surgery to close the holes in his earlobes and tattoo removal now.
  9. What a loser.
    Gets tats, warned, gets more tats sidelined to storeroom, doesn't like it so quits.
    Now finds other employers don't want to employ people with lots of obvious tats!
    Self inflicted dole bludging emo twunt.

  10. So he is an even bigger cnut than he looks and willfully failed to follow a reasonable management request or follow his T & C's re dress codes and pers appearence.......drag him to the stock room, with no witnesses, and slap the cnut until he cries for his mum....then slap him some more until he cries for his boyfriend.....then phone up your mates to come round and slap him.

    I knew that NVQ 4 from the ILM would come in handy one day.
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  11. Neck tats just scream 'low expectations', don't they? They say I'll never be a barrister, or a doctor. I'll never be a maths teacher, or a soldier. I'll only ever have a job where it doesn't matter one little bit what I look like. And what kind of a job is that? Working in the stockroom at Next. What a 24-carat tit.
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  12. The stupidest thing of all is that, if appearances are corrcet, not one of his many tats has any meaning. It is just random scribbling. Even the half-wit on here a few months ago who had "rock star" tattooed on his fists a bit prematurely did so because he wanted to be a musician at the time. This tit just has tats because he just wants to have tats in a "look at me look at me" stylee! Well guess what, complete success, we have all looked at you. You have attracted our attention to that fact you are a moron.
  13. Assuming he does not die with a needle stuck in his arm,what will he look like when he is circa 80 years old?