We havve a right to know

Rumours are flying around Hollywood that movie and singing sensation Jennifer Lopez is expecting her first child.

The Monster-in-Law star married her latin husband last year in a ceremony at her palatial home in Los Angeles.

She had previously split with Hollywood hunk Ben Affleck, after their on/off engagement ended very close to their planned wedding.

J-Lo, 36, has been spotted shopping for baby clothes and she reportedly told shop staff they were for her, not for a friend.

Her people have so far declined to comment on the rumour.
Come along now Vegetius - cough to this
Vegitus, I am appalled. Does this mean you'll change your avatar now? :D
Hitlerwasabitnaughty said:
Who gives a toss? :?
Damn straight. I acknowledge that she's reasonably attractive but all-in-all a total oxygen thief. Hanging's too good for her. I want to see the head of Jenny on the block. Harsh but fair.
Does this mean her arrse will be even bigger? 8O

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