We have all shagged some monsters

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. But are the lads in Catterick getting that hard up
  2. What’s the big deal, the Welsh shag sheep as a national pass-time.
    Cows need loving too.
  3. Awesome.. top reporting by the Scum again!
    Never shagged a bull before.. had my fair share of pigs mind.
    Anyone want to own up/post pics of any special ladies they'd rather forget?
  4. Dont know how true it is but heard a tall of a fella who shagged a cow but it killed him,something to do with them having 4 guts and the pressure basicly sucked the feelas guts out through his bellend....no doubt urban myth.
  5. But it wasn't a COW, it was a STEER. That is gay.
  6. I used to shag a skinny Welsh bint with pubic hair bursting out of her pants and stinking weeping boils under her arm pits :D

    That was back in my student days, my standards have dropped since then :D
  7. Back when i was in Pompey, i used to have a bird that had bigger gums than Shergar, hairier arms than king-kong and a voice that made her sound like zed from police academy when she was pissed.
  8. Not if it's giving...taking a steer would be gay of course, no question about that.
  9. When going to a farm, always check for footprints on the bottom of the buckets.....
  10. Shagged a fat bird before she asked if I'd taken precautions

    Aye I've took the lightbulb out so I dont burn my Arrse :D

    No did shag a monster though got the brown dagger then she blew me off then tried to stick the tounge back down my throat...no thanks 8)
  11. I haven't... they shagged me!

    PS blackpants... here's a tip from my mate Llyelyn: move your victims to a cliff edge: it makes you feel really wanted when they push back!
  12. Speak for your self mate, I worked in the theatre and film studios for about ten years and screwed some of the most beautiful women in the world
  13. It would. And God forbid you look like some kind of a deviant in front of all your animal-loving friends!
  14. So spent plenty time out in Thiland with the lady boys then :D
  15. Google:
    "guernsey + horse + man arrested for the shagging of" .... Not one of our beautiful Island's finer moments...

    Oh and in bringing the Island into line with the mainland's criminal justice policy, the man was allowed free (presumably to exile himself), the unfortunate geegee was 'arrested' "for it's own safety."


    edited to add link