We have a new barracks.....

.....well sort of. What was RAF Innsworth was officially renamed Imjin Barracks by CGS in a ceremony on friday 21st November. Imjin Bks will be the new home for ARRC when it relocates from Germany in 2010.

See link to MOD website:


It's nice to see that the name Imjin was used, especially as the barracks is in Gloucestershire. I wonder if Cheltenham is ready for the transition to being a garrison town. It will be a big change from the previous RAF population at Innsworth!
Montpellier Wine Bar full of squaddies,should be interesting.I'm sure Gloucester would adapt better as a garrison town.Whilst in training me and a mate got chased by a group of greasy bikers through Gloucester just cos we had crew cuts.

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