We had the best/worst years because.......

1. Bigger army so faster promotion.
2. Postings to exotic locations. [catching the diseases was optional]
3. National Servicemen you could p1ss off because you got more pay than them.
1. Outside ablutions with cold water only [this was in camp]
2. Really scary Sergeants Major [eg., Para Nobby Arnold [RIP]]
3. Some really cr@p kit.

Over to you..........
Best: when your radio battery went flat, you buried it in the German countryside - after stabbing it to ensure that the chemicals leached into the ground. Got rid of 10lb(?) of dead weight in one fell swoop.

Worst: crapping in the field in the rain. Turdises may stink, but they're a good haven in bad weather.
Your first posting abroad and Not having to worry about PC, a golly was a golly was a golly in them days :D Just to cover my arse I'm very PC these days :wink:
Best year was
as a singly going on tour after tour after tour (the ride lasted 2 and a half years!)
cold war was on so the Army's pot of cash was (or seemed) bottomless
Courses were 10 a penny

Worst year was
After the Russkis jacked, money pot dried up and all the good lads left on redundancy (I had not 1 but 2 protected trades!)
also any year where I had to try to cam up a Scammell crusader carrying an excavator! (In the rain in the dark!!)

ah the bad old good old days

**Edited to add.....Is is a coincidence that BRITMILFIT's ad is on top of this old git's thread? (It is here anyway) like I could run at any time other than last orders! :D
Does the mobile Shower Unit still exist ?? I remember that treat on many an exercise on the Minden Ridge. The biggest farce was when they set it up on the square in a barracks (in November), yards away from the living accommodation and showers !!

And you tell the youngsters of today about that - and they wont believe you !!


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Because we had low expectations.

No mobile phones/computers/dvd or videos, just old-fashioned snail mail and vinyl records.
Postings and tours were to exotic and far-flung places. Downside was it took forever to get there and back, prop driven airplanes were so slow.

Rations were good old compo, and food in camp was provided by Andy Cap's Commandos, and was plentiful.

Didn't have much money, but then things were cheap. Hong kong dollar was 1s tuppence, ( about 6p now) and it went a long way.
The world is just too figgin' sensitive these days. All politically correct to a stage where immigrants dictate whether we can have father Christmas, in our own country!! Where old ladies are left to cart their own wheelie bins to a rubbish truck because some poof at the HSE reckons if big beefy barstewards who's job it has always bin, couldn't resist, to hoik the trash cant pull a bin with the index fingers of both hands alone then its too heavy to lift. In a world where information and networking are all done via a computer touchpad, instant messaging, Internet and worst of all YouTube have completely destroyed and demonized everything that we do.

Now every aspect of our society, good, bad and indiferent, can be scrutinized online because some ass has decided they are going to video their patrol in the sandpit, their donkey's castration, their armpit shaving competitions, their gay little dances to their opo's at home. All this goes to undermine the integrity of our society, breach OpSec and just show how immature some people are when they are supposed to be getting on with the job at hand.

Unfortunately the younger generations have now come to expect all of the trappings of this society. I see 8 year old kids with cell phones, wearing hugo boss and sporting Tag's fer crying out loud. Before we blame the parents, stop and think that the parents are our generation!!!

Rant over:

Good blokes with a clear idea and mentality to get the job done.
Good postings where work signed up for (Infantry) was the job we done. No farting around on exercise.
Letting yer hair down in the NAAFI once stints were complete
Being able to take a beasting because we know we fcuked up. No running to the CSM or media.
Standing position @ 400m with an SLR

Compo Cramps when pushing one out
Webbing held together with bootlaces and gaffa tape
Having the squits on an ACFT
Choggie Shop Flip Flops

Fcuk me you were good, 400yds standing..I'd have problems at 25yds in that position and even at that there would be no guarantee I'd put two rounds in the same postcode :D


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ordinaryforces said:
Fcuk me you were good, 400yds standing..I'd have problems at 25yds in that position and even at that there would be no guarantee I'd put two rounds in the same postcode :D
I just hope you were not Inf :(
If we knocked some bint up then we would get a quick posting no questions asked.
It was a badge of honour to trap a wrac officer
We could say what we wanted to and soldiers had the self discipline not to challenge a superior rank.
The beer culture made up for the hard times
The Army was made up of MEN
We could beansteal to our hearts content
There was no AGAI it was called filled in in past times
There were no druggies (overtly)
There were no QUEERS ( old fashioned term for gays)
The wise amongst us could afford to buy our own houses
We could hide pieces of fanny in the block for days on end
There was always a unit on NI tour so we could gat across the patch and checkout the wives
The list goes on and on.

we were forked about from pillar to post
There was a racist culture in some regiments (which never bothered me too much)
The weaker never really got a chance to develop, not a bad thing in my view.
Most of the officers were unwanted prats, I hope that has changed.
There were no educational facilities worth speaking of.
We had to wear shirts hairy kf
Most of the NAAFI tarts were mingmongs
The phone system was in keeping with the 1940s and there was no internet.
That list goes on too.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED, I enjoyed myself, how about you?
Crown immunity for H&S - if you did something idiotic and hurt yourself, you got a quick "stupid tw@t" and you learned not to do it again.
Happy hour in the LAD bar from 1200hrs Friday (run by one of us in turn - no civvy clowns)

Working with asbestos lagging on the L60 packs.
Working in a squadron hanger with 12 Chiefies firing up - you could cut the air with a knife.
Having half my guts removed through the cancer caused by the above...
Best : Finising training at Catterick and being posted to Germany thinking Ausfahrt was the biggest city in Germany yes my german was that gut
Best:Germany etc etc etc
Best: Bratwurst mit pommes weis unt einen grossen Herfy
Worst: Bog OUT!!! nearly always early morning callouts taking bets to see how many of the Pad guys turn up
Worst: Site Guard nuff said
Worst: Your rifle bayonet boss or foresight repeatedly catching the cam net whilst your on the truck camming up for the millionth time and then loosing it to the extent that you throw your rifle into the dark in anger.

Best: Finding your rifle.

Almost guaranteed to have an oversees posting after training
The Rhine Army Summer Show
The cold war
As a trog having a vast choice of postings
As there were no PC, or video games you HAD to socialise
Block parties
Doing exercises relevant to the war you were expected to fight
Cooking your own brunch on a Saturday\Sunday in the cookhouse
Work hard play hard
Joining the HUGE queue at Wankum going home on Xmas leave
Snow Queen
Units were more 'cohesive' in Germany because the sprogs couldn't run off home to mummy every weekend and everyone stuck together
Junior Leaders Regiments
Living in comfy and warm recently modernised ex wermacht barracks (why was the accommodation I was in in the mid 80's better than that in Bulford when I left in 2000?)
Owning a large stack of porn vids did not make you a 'weirdo'


As an 'other rank' you were not expected to really try and get yourself educated

Exercises in German winters

NAFFI Charge cards

Poor wages

Having to wait 3 years before your first trade upgrade course as that was what all the 'old boys' had to do

Any 80's issue kit

Gettign a HGV 1 licence out of the army was nigh on impossible, until they made everyone get them as standard from ASMT after Granby revealed the RCT were severely under skilled licence wise for the vehicles they needed us to drive!
Germany, Cyprus, and exercises in warm climes
Cheap drink
Cheap ciggies
Weekend trips all over N Europe
Good mates that would stick up for eachother through thick and thicker
You knew who you were/what you were up against - ie the Ruskies
Lifelong friendships
If you had an arrse that was spoiling everything, you could sort it out with no come back

Winter exercises in Germany (Fingertips are still not right)
Coming back to UK
Crappy kit
Being away forever and a day (Nothing changed there then)
Getting out too early
VMechA said:
Happy hour in the LAD bar from 1200hrs Friday (run by one of us in turn - no civvy clowns)
Would that be the bar in Woofers. Wonderful times there. Ran it meself for a while.
only serving 4 months in Uk after apprentice school, then off to work on the suntan in the Radfan, Labuan, Kuching , Singapore, malaysia,3 years in Thailand then on to sunny Minden with the odd tour in Northern Ireland!! not a bad way to spend 13 years.
Not being able to extend my tour in thailand, making a real prat of myself on Penyfan, marrying a boxhead in Minden :)
1. We did not worry about catching MSRA at Selly Oak.
2. Many Military Hospitals.

Sorry if I have just broken the good humour of this thread but I just cannot see how the Government can justifly closing all our Military Hospitals during the past few years during these periods of on-going conflict.

WORSE: worrying about catching something else in Hamburg.... just to prove I am not always serious!

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