We had an empire once!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Murphy_Slaw, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. First it was the dome,then the Scottish parliament building and Wembley stadium. now terminal 5 turns to ratshite.
    We ran an empire once. We struggle to run a bath these days.
    I don't want to turn this into a daily Mail thread but....
    ....Why can't we build anything that works anymore?
    and What chance the Olympic Games?
  2. T5 is amazingly complex, I don't think its that surprising its having some teething problems.
  3. get the boys down there to load/unload the boeings. emtied C130's full of cargo in minutes few back in the day.
  4. Unfortunately, the operative word is 'once'...The empire is finished.
  5. stuff the empire... lets all run a mock and look out for ourselves! the government does it and they get 2 houses!!
  6. T5 was delivered on time and on budget. The baggage handling system (and I know a few people who've seen and tested it) is a masterpiece of engineering. I understand the problem has been a lack of training - people just didn't know how to operate it properly. In my book that's unpardonable and is a failure of management.
  7. We had one too and also a Granada and an Odeon but they are all supermarkets now. :D
  8. To be fair similar debacles have plagued other newly opened airports/terminals in 'sophisticated' countries - Denver springs to mind for one.
    That said I think it's pretty par for the course at Heathrow - rude staff, dirty terminals, chaotic check-in areas, confusing arrival halls, what a bloody awful first impression of Britain for first time visitors.

  9. Fecking Hell - its being run by Crab air!
  10. Aye - though I can't ever remember an Immigration official dressed in a burqua at BZZ or Lyneham as I witnessed last year on my arrival at Heathrow.
  11. Agreed on the management failure. A rehersal wouldnt have been the hardest thing to organise.
  12. Exactly. i presume a few scenarios were run through a computer and the management decided everything was OK. Then when people were put into the mix, surprise, surprise, things started going wrong.
    I think we are losing the ability to man manage in this country. Whether it is fear of upsetting the PC police or health & safety (god I hate H&S)i don't know.
    I remember being scared witless of my SNCO's and would do almost anything to make sure I got it right. It seems apathy rules the waves these days, certainly in civvie street.
  13. The BA (or was it BAA?) Operations Director responsible gave a grim, clipped little speech on the News this evening about 'teething problems' or somesuch. When the BBC reporter pursued him with further questions his minders blocked the way as he marched back to his suite. That scenario is inevitably the precedent for management restructuring. I wonder how much he'll get?
  14. Wonder what the name is of the Official who was/is in charge of the operation ?
    The Nation is held up, world wide, for all to see.
    A National disgrace.
  15. ...was a com poot er involved per chance?