We got one fellas.....


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Good effort....let's hope Mister Broon has the courtesy to call Aussie PM in person to say thanks for swift decisive action.

Fair go :D

Don Cabra
Well done the Aussies! I hope that this is not an indication that there is a cell down under - stay safe guys.

Doctors perpetrating acts of terror - they really have sunk to a new low, if indeed that was possible.
Press are saying that he was a Dr in the UK before going to Oz last year. However the UK press are not the best when it comes to fact checking!

Whoever he is stay safe over there in Oz.


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From the BBC

Australian police are questioning two doctors over the failed car bombings in the United Kingdom.

One of the men, 27-year-old Indian national Dr Mohammed Haneef, was picked up at Brisbane airport after a tip-off from British police, officials said.

The second doctor was being interviewed as a result of the first arrest. Police stressed that neither had been charged.

Seven people are being questioned in the UK about the attempted attacks in central London and Glasgow airport.

At least two of those are also reported to be doctors.
It seems a Liverpool NHS Trust is central?
Whilst I hate to say it because Howard is a chump, well done the Aussies. Lock him up and throw away the key.

Please don't deport him here, because we'll let the bustard off with a community service order or something equally rediculous.

In fact, lets send ALL our terrorist suspects out there and bring back Oz as a penal colony, all those in favour say "Aye!"
Hey, I just moved from Newcastle under lyme in the UK to the Gold Coast Australia and I work with both the hospitals mentioned recently.

I'm being followed and targeted by inept terrorists. I hope they don't booby-trap my gas BBQ or run at me on fire shouting "Allah".

Just in case I'm going to sit on a lilo in the middle of my pool all day.


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