We get the re -re re tred mod 5.56 SA80 but MOD PLODS get?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by old_bloke, Mar 3, 2005.

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    [quote]The Ministry of Defence has procured a new weapon for the Ministry of Defence Police force, making them better equipped than ever for the important role they play.

    A £3.4 million contract will see more than 1,500 Heckler & Koch MP7 firearms delivered to MoD Police, who provide armed security for military installations across the country, including the guarding of Britain's nuclear deterrent.

    Ministry of Defence Police Officers are currently equipped with the 9mm Browning Pistol and the military-issue SA80. The SA80, a battle-proven military assault rifle, is not ideally suited for use by MoD police who are deployed in defence environments in the UK.

    The pistol, which has been in service since 1979, becomes less accurate at long range and cannot defeat today's latest body armour.

    Defence Minister Ivor Caplin MP said: " It is essential that these officers, who police everything from residential camps to our sensitive research and development centres, are equipped with the most suitable firearm for their jobs.

    "The team at the Defence Procurement Agency carried out an exhaustive series of tests before this weapon was selected, and the MP7 proved to be the very best available.

    "What's more, an innovative approach to this procurement, which sees the UK Division of Heckler & Koch look after weapon support and logistics, is estimated to save around £250,000 a year until 2008 - another example of 'smart' procurement.

    "Indeed, this project has been so successful that other UK Police Constabularies have been paying close attention to our results, with a view to possibly using them to inform their own future firearm procurement decisions."

    Tests proved that the new firearm can penetrate body armour, yet the round will not 'overpenetrate' causing a danger to bystanders. It is also light, easily maintained and simple to use and, after training, will be delivered to Ministry of Defence Police Officers across the country, replacing both the Browning pistol and the SA80.

    The project is scheduled to achieve its In Service Date (ISD) in April - two months ahead of the estimated timing.

    The MP7 is manufactured by Heckler and Koch of Germany. The weapon specific 4.6mm ammunition will be provided by UK manufacturer Royal Ordnance Radway Green.

    The 'smart' nature of this project will see weapons remain under manufacturer warranty for ten years - a first within small arms procurement. The exact history of each weapon will be tracked and monitored. The expected service life is 15 years.

    More than 1,500 systems are being procured. Final delivery from the manufacturer will be made in June 2005.

    The Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) is the MOD's own dedicated civil Police Force of around 3,800 officers, all of them having full Constabulary powers.

    They provide armed security, uniformed policing and investigation of serious crime at MOD establishments and units throughout the United Kingdom.

    As a condition of service every officer is weapons-trained and at any one time 70 per cent of MDP officers on duty carry arms, either pistols or rifles. These are deployed at around 100 MOD sites where an armed security capability is required[/quote]

    About right for the MoD always getting their procurement correct for those who really really need it.

    Anyone recon the MP7 might be a little bit better than a cut down SA80- hans up

    Got to wonder really
  2. Give the MoD Plods the stuff that works and they'll never have to use it anger and leave the Infantry with........... :roll:

    Please tell me again whose side the MoD is on :?
  3. Automatic weapons - MoD plod? Fcuk me, what a laugh....

    20mph on base and the ******* will have your tires out, i'm sure. 8O
  4. [​IMG]

    "MoD Plod Mafia - Freeze"
  5. What's wrong with the SA-80?
  6. I do hope your joking 8O
  7. This is the thing that was in competition for the tank crew PDW. The competition that the SA80 carbine, monstrosity thing won 8O

    Good thing about MOD plod is small numbers, so you don't have to run separate logisitic chains for 5.56 and 4.7mm. Which lets face it, would be a bit of a mare. 9mm and 7.62mm ring any bells.
  8. I fired the MP7 at last year's CORPSAAM on the demo Range, nice little shooter,cracking sight system and a great shame the Cav have adopted the Dwarf Gat instead of something that wouldn't incapacitate your foes only by showing it to them and twatting them with a shovel whilst hysterical. I fully understand the arguments of compatibility with service weapons and ammo resupply. However if you replace the L9A1 with MP7, you replace 9mm with 4.7mm. Fair trade if you ask me! And armourers like having shiny new toys to tinker with.
  9. OK, I wasn't going to post this, but I will, FYI. NOTE - if I have left anything off, I hang my head in shame...

    SA Ammo used by the US in WW2:

    .30M2 in 5rd stripper clips (Springfield)
    .30M2 in 8rd en-bloc clips (Garand)
    .30M2 in canvas belt (M1917, M1919A4)
    .30M2 in link (M1919A6)
    .45ACP (M1911, Thompson)
    .30 Carbine (M1 carbine)

    SA Ammo used by Commonwealth forces:

    .303 MkVII in 5rd stripper clips (rifles, BREN)
    .303 MkVIII in canvas belt (Vickers)
    .45ACP (Thompson, some S&W M1917 revolvers [+ moon clips], de Lisle)
    .455 Webley (Revolver No.1 & other S&W revolvers)
    .455 Webley & Scott (W&S automatic pistol - mostly for the navy)
    .380-200 (No.2 revolver + others)
    9mm Para (STEN, Lanchester etc)
    .55 Boys Anti-Tank
    and on a more limited basis, I believe that there was also some use of Spam wpns too.

    SA Ammo used by the Boxheads (frontline only):

    7.92mm in 5rd stripper clips (Mauser, G43 etc)
    7.92mm in belts (MG34, MG42)
    7.92mm Kurz (MP43-Stg44, Stg45)
    9mm Para (majority of pistols, e.g. P08, P38, SMGs)
    9mm Kurz [.380ACP] (some pistols e.g. PP, PPK)
    7.65 Browning [.32ACP] (some pistols, e.g. PP, PPK)

    Boxheads also used anything & everything for rear-area use, all of which was given reference numbers

    SA ammo used by Russkies (Russian-made, frontline only)

    7.62x54R in 5rd strippers (Mosin-Nagant, SVT, AVS, DP)
    7.62x54R in belts (Maxim)
    7.62x25 Tokarev (SMGs, TT pistol)
    7.62mm Nagant Revolver

    +anything & everything in "last ditch" efforts incl. 8mm Lebel, 10.67 Berdan (black powder!!!)

    For comparison, current UK SA ammo:

    5.56mm in strippers/boxed (SA-80)
    5.56mm belts (minimi)
    7.62mm Sniper
    7.62mm belts (GPMG)
    9mm Para (pistols)

    & the spams seem to be using about the same...

    The point of all this is to illustrate that the current supply system is not chaotic compared to what we've had in the past, & to replace the cav's Brownings with MP7s would really not seem to be a problem, given that they have their own special supply for things like, oh, I dunno, tank shells??? 8)
  10. Is there a pistol to compliment this in the same way that the FN Five-seveN partners the P90?
  11. It's designed to not need a partner, i.e. to be the all-round ideal personal defence wpn. However, it does seem a little big for a pistol. Wouldn't want it in a shoulder holster!!! It is however designed to compete directly with the P90 which has a few "problems", like its wierd magazine & its weight (it's a kilo heavier than the MP7 & doesn't have a telescoping stock).
  12. Sorry, I was seeing how many people would go for the obvious Wah! Childish, I know - but I could'nt resist.......
  13. Thank christ for that :oops:
  14. I don't see why we don't sod it and go the whole hog and bin the SA80 and get the HK G36, we own the company anyway!

    I'm sure the argument against it would be the expense outlay already put out on the A2 conversion...paid to HK?? and the time taken to re-train and re-equip units, that being said i'm sure this would be nothing compared to re-training and re-equiping of radios, ie BOWMAN.

    Oooops might have opened a can of worms there I think!

    Nice to see the MOD have got their priorities/shit sorted out as usual!
  15. Did. Up until 3 years ago.

    Read this