We Flog Rockets

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by EX_STAB, Mar 15, 2008.

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  1. We Flog Rockets.

    Was it an Army myth?

    What was the truth behind WFR's nickname in the 1980's?

    It was widely circulated in 2 Mercian (Volunteers) back then.
  2. As I recall it, in 1984 a Cpl from 1WFR 'acquired' two 66mm LAWs and sold them to someone who could/would have sold them on to the IRA.

    He was caught, convicted and sentenced to something like 15 years. It was well publicised at the time, hence the unfortunate nickname for an otherwise good county regiment.
  3. That makes sense, particularly with the timescale. Certainly fits with the story I heard back then.

    The discredit is of course on the individual rather than the regiment but we've always poked fun at each other's regiments. It's the basis of Esprit de Corps!

    It's all[/u[] Mercians now anyway........
  4. Wasn't the IRA, but the UDA. The "conduit" was a militaria dealer from Chester (Kabluckenko?) who had a shop called "Soldier of Fortune"...

    Used to buy cap badges there when I collected, but stayed well clear when the LAW thing kicked off!
  5. I know as I served in the regiment at that time.
  6. Another zombie thread lurches back into life!