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Your anti-chav measures are a bit more drastic than ours thats for sure.
That'll teach him! (or perhaps not)
I hope they do not catch him and he will (even without killing anybody else) remain a deterrent to little scumbags.

Eggs today bricks tommorrow before you know it they cause a RTA and a family is killed.
Jack - dont be a tw*t - any kid can be talked into doing this kind of thing, dont tell me you were wighter than wight when you were a kid...?

The kid might deserve a kicking, or a couple of nights in the cells, but getting shot down for this is overkill.

The only deterrent worthy of the name here is the long prison sentence applied to people who shoot and kill others like dogs in the street. The mention of death as a deterrence against egg throwers is the product of a confused and disordered mind.
call_me_jack said:
I hope they do not catch him and he will (even without killing anybody else) remain a deterrent to little scumbags.

Eggs today bricks tommorrow before you know it they cause a RTA and a family is killed.
Or blinded at any rate: Story

I'll resist temptation and admit to knowing that "wight" means white. :wink:

When I was a kid I wasn't a total twat because of fear of disciplinary action being taken by my parents. Without this discipline I may have done something like this however probably not at the age of 14 (bordering on young adult). I would certainly not throw anything at cars if I thought there was a possibility of being shot!

I do believe the murder was extreme and do not sanction it. What would peoples response be if the story went:

"Yesterday a family of five were killed and three children seriously injured when the driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a bus stop. All 5 occupants of the car was killed, two six year old girls are in critical condition and a 4 year old boy is paralyzed for life from the neck down. The driver lost control when his vehicle was pelted with eggs by local youths....."

Extreme I know. Impossible, I would say not.
I feel sorry for the kid it was way over the top.I was driving a mini-bus when it got hit by an egg,fcuk me I thought the engine had blown it was so loud and jumped on the brakes,I was quite surprised to see that it was only an egg!

However,throw stones off a motorway bridge over here and it´s an automatic attempted murder charge,no ifs or buts.After so many fatal incidents it was time to get tough;Two Septic kids were shipped off rapidly back to the states after killing a woman driver with a large stone heaved over an Autobahn bridge.


Not the case I was on about but you get the picture!
Jack - pardon the spelling, posted in a hurry before I left work - I am not excusing the activities of this little scrote who chucked the egg, but you saying you hope they dont catch the guy who did this, sounds like you're condoning it, or at least on his side....

By creating some fictitious story of what might have been you paint a graphic, (but not well connected) picture. The fact is no vehicles crashed, no bricks were thrown, and nobody was blinded.

Punishment needs to be proportinate to the crime, I am not with the liberal crowd who would give him the status of an ASBO, but the crime here would be some sort of reckless endangerment (or whatever the yanks call it) - the punishment being given out by the proper courts, if that doesnt work, at worst, a mild slapping/beasting.

The basis of justice is that people (with the biggest guns) dont have the power to dispense justice, that is just one step away from anarchy, and you dont punish for something that might happen 2 months down the line, or indeed never.

To Midnight,
totally agree with you,

and by the way the link you gave also has some nice pics of a tasty bird so i would imagine more people will be checking it out

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