We dont need a Border police command we need a border police force

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by gizmo17, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. More rebranding and senior officer posts but no actual boots on the ground. This country needs a proper border force not the present grouping of civil service departments.
  2. WatchingWater

    WatchingWater Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    I thought that the northern sea was not much of a border when I took the ferry from Dover to Calais. So it was a shock when the return journey was heavily regulated, which when it comes down to it makes perfect sense, we don't need to care who we let out of the country, just those that come in (in theory, until they get their council house and benefits sorted out).
  3. I got the same thing last year travelling to Northern Ireland to carry out some work there, no one bothered from Stranraer to Belfast, on the way home, pulled up just as i drove off the ferry, why had i been in Ireland, what type of work i did, where i was travelling on to, and see some I.D. (which was clearly obvious as my work id was still round my neck) all carried out by a cold bored looking copper
  4. take the UKBA staff,ports police (both Port constabularies and Home office Port of entry SB staff)and coastguard officers and form them into a border police

    divide it into 3 commands
    Inland- removal of illegals, criminal investigation of offences related to border security
    Port of Entry - border controls etc.
    Outland - marine patrol by sea & air to stop smuggling and the like
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  5. Living in Dover and drinking with immigration and customs officers they are facing staff cut of up to 30% job losses. travelling as i do many times a month freight gets checked before entering the country but still they get through in the back of Lorry's, we need more staff not less.
  6. WatchingWater

    WatchingWater Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Or at the very least technology to counteract the staff cuts. Kind of pointless as these cuts are being made to save money, but in the long term having lorry scanners would mean you'd only need a couple of people on freight check at any one time, much like luggage scanners at airports.
  7. Frieght scanners are in use but they still get throught we need more boots on the ground
  8. I worked as an Immigration Officer... before the sexy new name and utterly naff uniforms.. the existing laws dealing with Immigration, and the various laws regarding asylum can be made to work fine if they are applied properly. The trouble is, as it has always been, the lack of political gumption.. they all talk the talk, but never back it up by walking the walk.
    I do think the various appeals and judicial review that can be sought needs tightened up. And the parasitic plane chasing legal firms consigned to a concrete filled bus at the bottom of the channel.

    Almost none of the 'refugees' - and I use that term loosely - have traveled directly here, they have all transited through another 'safe country'... the instant that is proved (unless there are very heavy extenuating circumstances) their feet shouldn't touch the ground.
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  9. And what do you do when you find the clandestines? The 2 people manning the scanner now need a 3rd person to drive the clandestine to the detention centre, and the clandestine, until safely in the detention centre requires a pair of officers to escort him at all times.

    Meanwhile, your scanner is unmanned. Do we hold up commerce traffic? No we don't.

    There is no physical way to stop clandestines short of machine gunning them on detection. The less controversial option would simply be to stop giving any benefits in cash or kind to anyone who hasn't paid into the system and/or is a British citizen. They would go elsewhere.

    Oh, and by the way, we already have lorry scanners and they work, but only when a motivated human Mk1 eyeball is also scanning the monitor. The Government thinks we can do away with 40% of those with the eyeballs, leaving 60% whose motivation is questionable.

  10. Drove into Dover last month, pulled in by Border bods for a vehicle search before going to ferry embarkation.

    Coming back to Calais this month, waved through both sides.
  11. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Strengthening the Border would be fine, if we actually had a border CONTROL to speak of, rather than just weak laws that are exposed at the first sign of legal representation, MP intervention or even the vaguest whiff of judicial review. The entire system needs overhauling, but I fear the EU dictatorship would never allow such free and nationalistic thinking in its Socialist Eutopia.

    With unchecked EU migrancy, any illegal who turns up becoming almost unremovable the instant they step off the wagon, boat or plane and the sheer numbers of student, European dependency and 'highly skilled' visa abuse, the term 'border control' lost any tangible meaning a long time ago.
  12. Don't blame the Euros.

    One thing was VERY noticable in my wanderings back and forwards across the 'open' Franco-German border last month, lots, and I mean lots, of French plod and customs stop and checks, even on the D roads leading up to the border.
  13. the french Douanes are possibly even more powerful then our own HMRC, full armed with the ability to do blue light stops and arrest for next to nothing (no ID etc) from what im told they are quite proud of a direct line of history going back to Napolon and a histry based in part in the french military
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  14. And Her Majesty's Customs could trace it's history back to Alfred the Great. We were respected and feared, the opposition referring to us as 'The Church' because we were largely considered incorruptible.

    But we don't like history or tradition because crypto-commie new labour guiltily associate it with imperialism and the slave trade. So we throw away all that pride and tradition and rename it UK Border Agency. How proletarian. How dull and lifeless. And absolutely without any pride or tradition. We then dress our staff in a cheapest of cheap uniform that makes us look less smart than the security guards in Asda.
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  15. Simple solution to the westward-migration; keep them moving. Plenty of space for them over the water from Holyhead.