We demand tolerance - and if you don't agree

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunoficarus, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. So the defence was based on biblical grounding about sex outwith marriage and was lost as it has no basis in law. Nothing wrong there. The fact that a couple of benders were involved became incidental to the case. No?

    I for one salute the upholding of law against religious belief. It could lead to a better society for all.

    Still, on a personal basis, burn the pooves!
  2. Tolerance of consensual sexual preference and tolerance of religious bigotry. Totally the same, yeah. The only thing which stops me is the issue of private business doing what it likes, but the core of the story - upstanding Christian citizens taking a stand against teh evul homoseckuals is bollocks.

  3. Would you want a couple of dirty bummers doing unspeakable things and soiling the sheets in your spare room? Eh? Well would you?

    I do think a private business should be able to do business with whom it likes. It isn't providing a public service. On the other hand it makes a change from the usual pandering to religious sensibilities, which I always struggle to see has any foundation when I can't see there is anything to stop me from starting my own and making any sort of claim I liked about things it did not allow me to do or which I found offensive and which others should not therefore be permitted to do.
  4. Surely despite their own personal views these hoteliers have to adhere to the law (i.e. no discrimination) if they wish to run a business.

    You wouldn't support a BNP shop owner not serving someone on the basis of race.
  5. I didn’t interpret it that way, rather two business owners trying to dictate what they are comfortable with in their premises. I am sure the owners aren’t all that bothered. Their salvation is secure.

    If they were muslims the gay couple would be told to GTF and the courts would do sod all.
  6. And why would the BNP bloke have a shop?!

    It's not quite the same though is it - the shopkeeper does not have the behaviour he finds offensive potentially being practised in his home over a more extended period, he just gets someone being brown in his shop for 5 minutes.

    It's not something I feel interested in or able to make a spirited defence of. In this case I believe they deliberately set out to get refused, take them to court and make a point. I appreciate the gay liberation movement may feel the need to fight the good fight but it seems a bit unnecessary and excessive.
  7. It's a funny old world.... One can't discriminate against black people or offend people with faith. Why should gay people be any different?
    They don't choose to be gay... If you don't want soiled sheets then refuse heterosexual couples too... or open some other kind of business. Religious bigotry is unacceptable.... period.
  12. No, they probably don't choose to be gay in orientation - but they do have a choose over whether to be gay in behaviour, or do gay stuff. I'm not suggesting that they shouldn't be entitled to do so, but it's the gay stuff - i.e. checking in for some man love - that your God squad will have objected to. It seems unlikely that they would have been refused as single travellers.

    If you are going to draw religious and ethnic analogies, then the more appropriate analogies are not what the people are but what they are going to do in the B&B. So perhaps all Catholic guests should be allowed to burn as much incense as they like in the room, bring their own altar boy etc, and perhaps Asian guests can rustle up a quick curry. Absurd but that's the way it inevitably leads, when you have people determined to prove a point and assert their "rights" on one hand and some pretty inflexible people on the other.
  13. How'd that happen then? Case of mistaken gender during an encounter?

    I am also not a racist, I have an Asian neighbour and he is a top bloke. He does choose to be like that though, he picks up quite a colour when he goes back to Pakistan in the summer.
  14. who says they were going to have sex anyway?

    do they ask straight couples if they're going to have **** sex before giving them a room?

    lastly, you don't need a double bed to shag.