'We Could Rebuild Britain'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Sep 29, 2012.

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  1. After Labour****ed it up, the Tories became unpopular by doing the right thing to repair it, are we going to make the same mistake, by letting Labour destroy it again ?

    Ed Miliband: 'We Could Rebuild Britain'

    Labour leader Ed Miliband has called on voters to give him a chance to rebuild Britain and boost the country's ailing economy, despite ongoing concerns over his poor personal ratings.
  2. Well Britain does need rebuilding, our infrastructure is appalling, housing is in a mess but more than anything, there really needs to be an honest debate about who we are and what we want to be. AND, how we get there.

    Anything else is pointless crap and please, the Tories have done more than their share of getting wrong. More Broadsheet and less Red top. PLEASE.
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  3. The Tories couldn't organsie an orgy in a whorehouse - on second thoughts though Gideon Osborne might just be the man given his prediliction for professional ladies of diverse ethnicity (allegedly)...

  4. This would be the conservatives that are increasing the deficit while driving the country further into recession?
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  5. I know it's CA but can we rebuild the Houses of Parliment with all inside.

    On a serious a note, it will take years to get this Country returned to what we the voters would like.
  6. Key word is "Could".
    I could become a super model. I "could" become an Ballet Dancer. I "could" be the next Richard Branson. I "could", theoretically (according to quantum) de-materialize and re-integrate on Mars.

    Doesn't mean any of those are likely to happen though, does it.
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  7. Hey look on the bright side, If the country and the pound is driven hard enough into the dirt we could always take on the euro

    cough cough.

    The next round of red socialism will certainly see to that.
  8. You mean so dirt cheap that we become the next greece...without the nice weather.
  9. There's no group in this country that could be called "The Voters". People who are net recipients from the state want higher tax, higher benefits and no pressure to get a job. People who are net contributors want, more or less, exactly the opposite.

    I doubt that Labour will be rebuilding anything if they win the next election. Membership has collapsed and over 90% of their funding now comes from unions with most of that coming from Unite and Unison. The leaders of either of those unions could bankrupt the Labour party and bring down a Labour government.

    I've already lived through 1970s Labour governments that were owned by Trade Unions. I don't fancy living through another one.

    The unions have already slapped down David Milliband and forced Ed in as leader against the will of the party. What's next? Seats in the Lords for union leaders perhaps? What about a seat in cabinet for Len McClusky? Wouldn't be the first time union leaders have been given seats in a Labour cabinet.

    If you were a Labour Prime Minister and Comrade Len threatened to bring down the party and government unless he got to be Home Secretary with a mandate to rewrite union legislation, what would you do?
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  10. Does Ed Miliband have no understanding of the word 'irony'? Clearly, he has little recollection of the period 1997 - 2010. If anymore 'change' is applied to Britain - socially and economically - it will be the death of the place.
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  11. Trust me!

    Frankly I'd sooner trust a crocodile to give me a blow job.
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  12. Somehow I don't think so. I think you are confusing the Conservatives with Labour and its unbelievable idea of borrowing to get out of financial problems.

    As Labour can't even handle their own financial matters, I fail to see how they can think they can run a countries.
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  13. I don't think Milliband could rebuild a lego house let alone Britian. He must think the British public are stupid and have short memories as it was Labour that caused the need for Britain to be rebuilt. During Maggies time they got the Unions to degrade Britain through the Unions and then they****ed up Britain even more when Blair the traitor got in. Why is Labours agenda to destroy Britain?
  14. Well, if he does, 10/10 for perception.
  15. The Tories have been dire and have dumped on those who have traditionally supported them, the lib dems are a farce and the sight of Miliband, Balls, Harman et al crowing with pre-conference crap after the train wreck they left of the country makes me want to launch things at the TV. I foresee a fringe party vote for me or another spoilt ballot paper annotated with "none of the above" at the next election
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