We cant enforce our own laws

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sympathetic_Reaction, Aug 25, 2009.

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  1. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    As I haven't started a thread in a while and I was 'amused' by this in the news.

    We can't enforce the 1984 Act making it illegal to sell 18 rating Videos/DVDs to children.....because.......we didn't tell the EU about it.


    FFS someone POL the Outrage bus and I'll join the Q behind the rest of those wanting to book it out.


    p.s. yes I know, but it's Tuesday and I had a shit Monday...I need a reason to complain first thing.
  2. From Yahoo! news

    "The problem has arisen because the then government failed to notify the European Commission about the legislation's classification and labelling requirements."

    So it was a cOck up, nothing more. Stop farting about with the outrage bus on non-stories.
  3. Well Played by the UK gov.

    Stabradop, while I take your point that this was a c*** up - I don't think that it was simple at all. This only occured because we did not inform the EU of our own Law.
    It is meant as a another example of the EU telling us what can and can't happen in our own country and from what I have seen on arrse, this is a main area of irritation. While it maybe a 'non-story' in isolation I do think that it can be shown to have wider meaning and significance when looked at with other stories on EU dominance.

    On a personal note, this story brightened up my morning! :D
  4. We can't enforce a law passed in parliament because we didn't inform the EU about it?

    None story?
  5. EU? I recognise no such organistation, it has no democratic mandate and therefore no legitimacy.

    The sooner thie corrupt EUSSR is consigned to the dusbin of history, the better.
  6. I think this is possibly something to do with s8 of the original European Communities Act - "Cinematographic Films" - which I assume was put in there to protect yet another parochial French interest.

    Because it made films an EU (okay, EC, then) regulated area then there are bureaucratic (certainly, it's the EU!) hurdles to jump which the relevant HO civil serpents failed to recognise?

    I can see how this would impact on people prosecuted for importing (UK) incorrectly marked films from other EU countries - the "Common Market" being the declared point of the thing (as opposed to the stalinist European super-state we know was the real point) but don't know how this would impact, say, somebody selling a correctly marked 18 film to a 12 year old.
  7. Yes its a non-story. Why do you care about something so trivial? In any case the govt of the 80's made a cOck up so no further prosecutions can be brought for the time being, emergency legislation will sort that out in a couple of weeks FFS.

    Its hardly as if we are going to have to release a load of dope dealers and nonces is it.

    Extremist and TCM, why can't you realise that you are not really welcome on this site? The fact that one of you has had multiple usernames kind of gives it away.
  8. "Its hardly as if we are going to have to release a load of dope dealers and nonces is it."

    Well the HRA and labours early release programme does that mainly because the prisons are packed with foreign criminals who cause the overcrowding.

    As for not being welcome on the site, at least Extremist and myself contribute counter points to the politically correct dogma that moral cowards like yourself blindly surrender to.
  9. stabradop, they are not annoyed about the mess up of some film certification law. They are annoyed that this countries laws are only valid if we tell the EU about them, essentially registering them. Why should an outside third part have any sway, intentional or not, over parliamentary approved law?
  11. Because somewhere in the distant past a government agreed to allow that to happen. Plus it does allow for some parity of law between free-trading states.
  12. The governments who signed these agreements actually committed material breaches of The Treason Act, and did so without the wishes or consent of the British people.

    The EEC was a con trick and merely the thin end of a very fat wedge. Since when were the people given any say in being absorbed into an unaccountable foreign state?

    The extremists are the Europhiles who sell their country down the river and refuse to give us a referendum, not those of us who wish to see the democratic will of the people carried out.

  13. And according to The Treason Act doing so was/is illegal.
    Its not even matter of debate, it is Treason to allow laws to be enforced in this country created by foreigners.
  14. I think you will find that wasn't really an issue in the mid-1980s. The EU was not in existence back then. This thread is about film classification, hardly a big issue really is it? You just love to jump on the bandwagon at ever opportunity.

  15. This thread is not just about film classfication is it?
    The thread title is about not being able to enforce our own laws