We bribed Saudis, admits ex-minister

Britain bribed senior Saudi officials to secure arms contracts, a former Tory defence secretary admitted last night.

Lord Gilmour who, as Sir Ian Gilmour, held the post in Edward Heath's government, said payments were necessary to beat American and French competition.

The admission follows the disclosure of classified documents, including a memorandum from 1972 in which a senior official responsible for defence sales mentions a company used to pass on "douceurs" - bribes.

And tell me, is the Pope still a Catholic? Do fish have watertight heads?
On this point i'm not sure i give a shite. We got the contract over our competitors from a country where, culturely, bribes and favours during business deals are considered common Courteously. BIG DEAL
Even the old boy network isn't enough sometimes.

Not really shocked.
o ffs! SO WHAT!
thats the way they have allways done business, the biggest back hander gets the contract, standard practice in all authoritarian nations and most of the poor democratic ones too.
'yes mr saudi prince of cource your son may go to eaton/you have a nice new estate/fleet of mercs/another deposit in that swiss bank ect ect'
they got billions to spend and if we dont grab a share by these means then the economy here misses out and thousands loose thier jobs.
like it or lump it, fact of life, nothing you can do about it, who cares.

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