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Discussion in 'RAC' started by 02FD11, Feb 19, 2008.

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  1. I'll probably be told by MOD that this question should be posted on such and such a thread (honestly some of them probably made good provost cpls) but this question has been bugging me all day. What was the name of the bratty wagon on Soltau, the one that could reach the parts that stalwarts couldn't. Many thanks.
  2. wolfgangs
  3. it gets more than the odd mention on arrse from time to time,,
    big blue merc with a side that opened..
  4. Shhhh....Wolfgang was one of THEM! -Hence the Boathouse colour!!!!
  5. Cheers Pup, how could I forget, funny how things like that bug you.
  6. and the liking for Elvis music.............
  7. He didn't enjoy being smoked bombed & thunder flashed :roll: But what happend to Soltau Sid, you know the happy chappy that would wave at you from the trees in the middle of nowhere as you motored past :?
  8. Damn it have to change the colour AGAIN
  9. you leave my dad out of this..
  10. "Wolfgangs" ah the memories of chicken breast & chips, always a great respite from compo. There you were all cammed up in your hide fixing the Chieftain/Challengers when you would here the bell ringing as he approached cross country - extacy.

  11. The Soltau Mong, I'd forgotten all about him :D
    There was the Red Shield van that came up from Monkeylager as well.
  12. There also used to be a cake van that delivered cakes out on the area in the mid-late 70's.

  13. Yes, but at least he'd know when it was going to happen. He knew the Exercise scenario inside out, and wouldn't mind passing on this info either! :wink:
  14. Ha ha. The Bivvy Four Bif. He got progressively worse as each time he appeared he was lasered by the Challys.
  15. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    As someone who spent the majority of my time on the tank park, chasing Wolfgang around the training area or sat in an office working out who's day to feck up and put on duty I have no idea as to my suitabliity as a provost cpl. :roll: