We Are SO Lucky!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. Despite the nation being brought to its knees by incompetence and the politics of envy, malice and spite; and, in spite of the most perniciously evil and hopelessly inept government since, well since ever - we are SO LUCKY

    How can that be? Those of you who listened minutes ago to our Sovereign, and heard her wisdom, experience and peerless knowledge, speaking plainly will understand.

    Her Majesty is, as yet, the one important 'brick', the CORNER-STONE of this once great nation, that the disgusting oiks in government have yet to dismantle or attack. Admittedly, the slimy Bliar tried, when he assumed he was wanted in a 'starring' role for the funeral of Late Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. As fortune would have it, he was put back in his grubby box by a General Officer in Her Majesty's Service.

    His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales has been attacked by the Bliar-Brown axis of filth. So easy to attack someone who is precluded from a forthright defence.

    The House of Lords, whose members were largely chosen by God, or Fate if you so believe - gone. Replaced by a gang of nondescript actors, media people, tycoons of the 'party political donating' propensity, failed politicians, unelectable politicians and friends of the dishonest and despicable war-monger Bliar!

    The Lord Chancellor's post - discontinued. Replaced by - er, umm, ...?

    The Home Secretary - now a cipher and apologist for the behaviour of the more rabid senior police personnel.

    Her Majesty's Armed Forces decimated, yet committed to 'adventures' unconnected to the security of this Realm. (No prizes for guessing why - no AF - no serious opposition).

    Crime rampant, despite the dishonest reporting of 'statistics'. The police becoming disliked and distrusted because of the antics of their senior officers.

    Eduction. Practically disbanded!! Illiterate population = No serious opposition.

    So-called 'Jewel in Labour's Crown' - the Not Helping System (NHS) for short. This is not a little short of a national disgrace, it IS A NATIONAL DISGRACE. Not so much the 'little people' in it but the layers and endless layers of 'management and bureaucracy' therein. (Some 'little people' do not a kick in the arse though!)

    Despite all this, and I have barely scratched the surface, Her Majesty continues to exude standards and common-sense.

    We are so lucky because we have a monarch and not something like:

    Now I've been sick over my keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. well said that man :D
  3. Yes, great, nay feckin marvellous, to see some important values being pumped into the telly by our own Monarch. There's hope for us yet despite other people's best efforts. Off with with their heads !! :lol:
  4. Well said Isquared, may she have many more christmas speeches beyond this one!Even as an Irishman I can see the importance of the queen to the United Kingdom, it's just a shame that more indigenous people do not feel the same way.
  5. Roll on the coup!
  6. Nice Wah!

    1. Hm, are the electorate choosing a Govt with qualities they admire or are they simply reaping what they, without Govt interference, have sown?

    2. So, the Upper House should be full of drooling, morally incontinent & inbred descendants of the Norman invaders rahter than people who have something to offer other than new ways to dodge death duties.

    3. Police not respected for same reason as Teachers; too much f*cking paperwork no support from "management" and hamstrung for sanctions against the truly offensive.

    3. Stats trotted out at every opportunity becasue "the public" apparently want them. Like SATs and the 1:73 million which convicted the late Sally Clark of murdering the baby who, according to the microbiologist's report not released by the prosecution, died from septicaemia.

    4. HM Forces decimated from 1992 onwards by a bowel-shatteringly short-sighted Tory govt whose pre-election tax cuts are obviously exempt from their philosphy of "no "jam today".

    5. Education i.e. schooling has always been hit and miss for those who can't afford / are morally opposed to going private; (See 2 above). Dumbed-down exams for people who see no reason to learn things, staff all but forced to "teach to the test" because of stats (See 3 above). Lack of parental involvement in even primary education - or even elementary parenting - is not down to Govt of the day. Disraeli's era had the same problems...

    6. NHS: appointment of Matron abolished in 1964 - no clinical control of hygiene standards; contracting out of all cleaning services - goes to cheapest tender (Thatcher/Major) rather than best value (so-called Bliar). Like many jobs in service sector, traditionally filled by women and therefore underpaid, feeble employment rights and never-ending shifts and now, frankly, we can do better. Rise of the NHS Manager = Thatcher - thanks, Leaderene, safe with you, eh?

    7. Only Govt to retain welfare provision whilst tackling "sick note" culture (Bliar/Broon) where would the Forces be with self-certification?

    8. So, Tory Boy Cameron is an illiterate pleb, is he? Or just another ineffectual t*ssp*t with nothing new to offer.

    Sorry, is there someone out there still awake?
  7. Bog off ZanuLairbore stooge.

    Remind me which house kicked out 42 day detention?

    The Tory cuts stemmed from the short sighted 'peace dividend'. Liarbore have had a decade to reverse it, instead they intensified and got involved in two pointless wars to boot.

    Tackiling sicknote culture - fecking rubbish, if anyone thinks anything is going to change they are deluded. What it wiill get is a load of the worst off in society, like those with mental health issues will get shafted to meet some bureaucrats targets while those who can work the system still once off the rest of us. They'll get clobbered because they're the easy targets