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We are sleepwalking into Nineteen Eighty-Four


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Mine will show I buy hammers, duct tape and cable ties, I may be in trouble

Same shopping list as me, but for, I think, drastically different purposes
There was a discussion similar to this on R4 yesterday, talking about facial recognition cameras etc. Personally I don't care about that, I see it as a useful tool in the fight against crime.

What I object to is businesses using my personal data for commercial purposes, in particular to target me directly. That's one of the reasons I run an ad-blocker. I've visited websites that insist I switch off my ad-blocker before looking at the content. They can fvck off, I just go elsewhere. I don't need them more than they need me.

My laptop camera is switched off in the software and my AV will prevent any attempt to connect it to the internet without my approval. I know cyber whizzkids can easily overcome that but if I was overly bothered I'd physically disconnect it from the motherboard and colour over the lens with a permanent marker.

Before I got my first mobile phone I thought it odd that some people would want to carry a telephone around with them everywhere they went. Now you're odd if you don't. I know that we can be tracked by our mobile signal, and that's the trade-off, but I don't enable the internet or wifi unless I specifically want to use it, and haven't downloaded any apps. It also massively saves the battery time. The only apps installed on my phone is the bloatware already embedded when I bought it. I only ever use Bluetooth when I'm in the car and then not all the time.

I don't have store loyalty cards, I don't have a smart TV, or Alexa or any of that shite, I don't have internet connected kettles, toasters, fridges or robotic vacuum cleaners. I don't do online shopping or have Netflix etc, or have an Amazon or Ebay account.

My social media is limited to the odd forum like ARRSE and occasional glimpses on facecvnt, although I rarely post anything on that platform. FB & news media is just full of click bait and targeted advertising. I avoid responding to it as much as humanly possible.

I know that in this electronic age connectivity to the internet is almost as essential as having running water and electricity to the house. I know that it's impossible to have a zero digital footprint and I'm not paranoid like Gene Hackman's character in Enemy of the State, but I do know that commercial companies want to track us and analyse our data for commercial gain. If I can minimise the data they harvest from me I will.
I have a very high tech method of stopping spies switching my camera on , a piece of masking tape over the camera.
I have a very high tech method of stopping spies switching my camera on , a piece of masking tape over the camera.

Is that for when you visit sites of, um, an 'educational' nature?
Nineteen Eighty-Four has already been and gone.

It started turn of the century with governments realising the cat was out of the bag, and big corporations like Microsoft wanting to maintain control via platforms such as 'trusted computing' aka Palladium.

It's just about game over now. They have got what they want, and more. It was touch and go for a while, but this is a battle not worth fighting, as the war has already been lost. Anything else is futile.

All your comms are hoovered up in real time and stored for later retrieval. This is Tele Comms, Computer Comms, Financial Comms. Hell, they probably even still steam open your letters the cheeky buggers.

No one that has been paying attention the last few years has any illusions left now.

But it's not so much the stuff that is stored on the average 'innocent' citizen, it is the fact that via totalitarian-lite attitudes and soft-fascism, we are all forced against our will to use the internet and a computer. Forced to agree to their 'terms and conditions' or else no business will be done. It's all under duress. Soft duress, but duress none the less.

Want your bins collecting? Want that parcel that never arrived via the Royal Mail? Want to do anything that you took for granted in the 20th Century? We got an app for that! And if you don't use it you can't play. You don't get your bins collected, you don't get that parcel re-delivered.

This is where the most sinister aspect comes in to play. And of course, all your details will be recorded if you are a 'trouble-maker'. Once black-listed for 'abusive behaviour' by one establishment, you become more and more persona non grata with all the others that you need for every day life.

Technology has not freed us. It has enslaved us. And we have not even hit upon the Golden Age of Automation, that will be occurring in just the next five years or so (clue: it's already happened, but your mind needs a few months to catch up). There will be massive job losses in many fields.

Again, you did not agree to this. You did not want 'driver-less' cars. But you got 'em.

So you're a truck driver eh, with an HGV? Learn how to code!

1984 is a war that has been lost. If you don't understand that, it's because you are the very spoils of that war that has been won.

New wars are at play now. Can you see what it is yet?

I dare say we will always need real soldiers to fight real wars, when push comes to shove.

But it's a lot easier to dumb down the masses via the matrix. It's cost effective. It's result effective.

Keep in mind I'm not a rabid left-wing radical or a true-blue right wing nazi. All politics has failed. To even entertain it is to cling to a sinking dinghy after the life-boat you were in just took on too much water. Obviously, the big ship was sunk a while back. It's each man for himself. Women and children first is still a noble cause.

It's easier to cling on to old institutions if you are a bit older.

It's easier to be taken in by new revolutions if you are younger.

But there is no remedy in either.

I sit between these two generations. Not well liked by either. I may be wrong, I may be right.

Your TV is recording your conversation today and it's been sent to a database for posterity. Your toaster will be recording your conversation tomorrow and that will be sent to a database for posterity, as well.

Welcome to the internet of things.

The CPU in your computer already has the ability to work when your computer is turned off via the power provided by your internet ethernet cat5 cable. It even has its own OS (Minix).

Time for some situational awareness. Time to get up to speed with the asymmetric warfare being waged upon you as an 'innocent' citizen.

Then again, I have a lot to hide, so I have a lot to fear!


Given all the multiple wobble in this thread has anyone ever had a representative of the Ministry of Truth knock on your front door or do you just like moist gussets?
Given all the multiple wobble in this thread has anyone ever had a representative of the Ministry of Truth knock on your front door or do you just like moist gussets?
Not yet and yes.
This doesn't work on people like me as there isn't a pigeon hole called "alcoholic miser'.
I bet there is a pigeon hole for that very type of consumer. It's only for targeted ads right now, but post brexit it will be forwarded to you GP for rationing your NHS, AKA 'Trump Wellbeing Services Ltd'

Or to embarrassingly predict your sexual proclivities as you receive targeted ads for Lubricant, cling film and C cell batteries.

It will help solve crime and disappearances as the data about your purchases of a ski mask, twenty 3 litre bottles of Extra Strong Bleach, gaffer tape, bin bags and a shovel along with the tracking software in your mobile phone indicating where you buried the body of your civil partner will wing it's way to the data centre of G4S-Trump Crime Solutions Ltd faster than you can utter 'civil liberty'

The wonders of technology, eh?
Not surprising. These are strange purchases to make in Mothercare, to be honest.
I wonder if Mothercare sells knitting needles, roller skates, bubble bath and bottles of gin?

Or would that be 'MotherDon'tCare'?
The problem is that technology affords the hard of thinking with the opportunity to jump to conclusions, without legal checks and balances.

Example: Frank's data suggests he visits to Off Licence every day. Does this prove he is an unemployable alcoholic? What if Frank goes there as his girlfriend works there, or perhaps he buys a healthy fruit drink on his way to work?

The point with algorithms is not what Frank does, it's what everyone else does.

So if Frank is only popping into the offie to visit his girlfriend, that will be obvious from all the other things he does and everyone else like him does, the vegan wholefood he orders from Tesco, his superb health reports his fitness tracker sends in, his 12 hours a day he puts in on his office work site, his excellent driving skills as reported by his satnav, his ATM and credit card withdrawals. All this combines to show Frank is not an alcoholic and his visits to the off licence will be ignored as an outlier.

But what about Frank's multiple visits to the car park at the bottle bank? His erratic driving? The excessive sweat recorded in his fingerprint when he accessed the security panel? His poor health results? His multiple use of his debit card at half a dozen other off licences?

These were all things that a decent detective could have dug up about Frank years ago, but they would have taken time, they would cost a lot of money and why would anyone bother, it's just Frank? We were all living off-grid and under the radar back then.

Now Frank's whole life is better known to the system that it is to Frank himself. No one has to go looking for Frank to try and find out about him, Frank is being monitored 24/7 in real time along with millions of others, his boss, his supermarket, his phone company, United Distillers, the Police all know everything there is to know about Frank.

Just visiting his girlfriend would have been an excuse that would have got him off the hook 10 years ago, it's too late for poor Frank now.
But what about Frank's multiple visits to the car park at the bottle bank? His erratic driving? The excessive sweat recorded in his fingerprint when he accessed the security panel? His poor health results? His multiple use of his debit card at half a dozen other off licences?
That's me fooked.
In conclusion, we can assume that Frank is an ecologically aware piss head. The bloke takes all his empties to a bottle bank. Respect.
I dont use loyalty cards, try to use cash and dont have a smart phone. My satnav doesn't do live updates. I must be invisible.

Cash for everything except monthly direct debits, dumb phone and no satnav. No twatter, faecesbook, linkedin or other herd mentality bs. ARRSE is about it apart from the odd news site and online sat pics and weather sites for work.

I also have the remains of issued rat packs dumped in a store room, probably enough for three months. Should the neighbours be concerned?


Our HR types were perplexed by the very low take up.of the free "step trackers" and associated App. which we wage slaves were expected to willingly strap on as part of a "Wellness" campaign at work.

I mean, who could possibly object to something which promised "wholly secure anonymous" data gathering yet in the next paragraph gushed on about how a Leaderboard would be established to show which brown nose management toady was doing best?

Somebody in our department did take one for the express purpose of attaching to the collar of his manic Spaniel, but baulked when he actually went through the App. and full EULA which basically gives it full access to everything on the smartphone even when the tracker unit was absent and the App "off"
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What he said, no smart phone, no lap top, no tablet or loyalty cards, use mainly cash, and my 6 year old sat-nav was last used over a year ago, I prefer big maps, more information. The house computer has never been used for on line shopping, banking, pay pal, gum tree, face page twater, or any social media, nowadays its just ARRSE.

And that, ultimately, was how they got him . . .

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