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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tiny_lewis, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. This sounds like something that earth would be able to answer.
  2. Fuck me - I tried reading just a small past of that Amp thread and decided it was unreadable unless you were wearing an anorak.
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  3. We had a fuckwit called himself Agile, on a gas site.

    He told us about taking an electrical multi- tester on holiday to the Maldives.......
  4. I can't tell how much of that thread is taking the piss, including the original poster. I think you'd have to be an anorak to tell.

    I do recall, however, in my long-lost student days, wondering whether to spend my grant cheque on a tuner and amp or just a receiver. Then common sense kicked in and I ended up with a twin cassette deck, an amp and speakers.

    Anybody want a Trio amp, Akai cassette deck and Marantz 4G speakers? Boxed and unused since 1980.
  5. We had a full Marantz system when i was a boy, tape deck, amp/equaliser thing, tuner and record deck, my phone probably has 10 times my old mans record collection and it plays better sound through the tv surround, but at least it filled a corner of the room and was a talking point, we just have an occasional table there now which never gets used.
  6. What is it the rest of the time?
  7. That thread... Words, just random words. I have no idea what the fuck they are on about. Niether should anyone else on here. Go out side and beat yourself off into a flower pot, it will make more sense.
  8. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    he was writing all the correct words but I WAS reading them in all the wrong order . I think
  9. As for all that sort of stuff I never got any further than changing the steel pointy gramaphone needles, that's all I need to know as far as sound systems go. I now have grandkids to do all that rubbish for me. Happy days!
  10. Matchbox, pin...
  11. Ruined many a good CD trying that!
  12. They are amateurs. Us real hi-fi buffs can talk about increased electron transfer in oxygen-free copper cables and how that increases dynamic range giving an all round boost to your hi-fi ending in crisper trebles, deep warm bass and significant improvement to mid range listenability and why you must spend £200 quid per metre on cable....forever.

    I got a great deal on a Christmas Dinner for one today too!
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  13. One of my mates is into that stuff, DTS this and D3D that, and he spends a bloody fortune on kit, all the time. I can see or hear no discernible difference with the "upgrades". I think this sort of thing becomes like an obsession, where the only difference can be seen "on paper".