we are doing your dirty work so give us your loyalty

Just read this in the independant, good write up!! lets see the reply aye?

Dear Prime Minister,

Even before the events of the last 48 hours, last week was a momentous one. You took over as PM, and in Iraq three more British infantrymen died. I've just got back from my third tour of that country in just over two years. Some of my mates aren't coming back. I've returned to an 11-month-old baby who doesn't recognise me and a wife that hates the Army. I'm writingto ask you where Britain is going in Iraq, while offering some home truths about what is happening there.

First, we're soldiers and we'll do as we're told. That's not to say that we do so without thinking or complaining, but we know that someone has to do the dangerous jobs. But it's hard when MPs and others say we shouldn't be there. Should we be in Iraq, Mr Brown, or was the WMD thing a pack of lies that suited Tony Blair's alliance with President Bush? Each time one of the blokes gets killed it gets harder and harder to justify.

In Iraq you get used to the heat, the muck and the lack of sleep but I'll never forgive the shortage of vital kit. Some of the new weapons and night sights are really good, but we didn't have enough to practise with before we deployed. The first time I fired the new grenade launcher it was at an insurgent - I missed!

The real problem is getting the blokes to patrol in soft-skin (unarmoured) vehicles. The Warriors and tanks in our battlegroup were fine, but even these are being opened-up like tin cans by the insurgents' latest weapons.

We desperately need more helicopters, but we're usually told that they are either broken down or have "run out of flying hours" - double-speak for "we can't afford to keep them flying". There's plenty in Northern Ireland. Now that peace has broken out, why can't we have them in Iraq?

Intelligence tells us that the new EFPs (explosively formed projectiles) are coming from Iran, but all London talks about is the threat of the ayatollahs developing nuclear weapons. Well, I've got news for you, Mr Brown: soldiers are being blown to pieces now and this threat is fully developed!

I know that we've given up on Iraq, but you must realise that if we're going to withdraw with as few casualties as possible then we must do so from a position of strength. That's why the Americans are "surging". Withdrawing troops sounds good politically, but it will mean holing up around Basra airport and not having the strength to keep the militias at bay. That'll just get people killed.

You've got to do better for our wounded, as well, Mr Brown. Amputations and traumatic injuries are grim but easily recognised - it's the blokes whose minds can't take it who are neglected.

One of ours came through an ambush unhurt, but was never the same again. It took almost nine months to get an appointment at the Priory where he was dealt with alongside a bunch of druggies. That's just not on.

Des Browne did well getting us the extra operational allowance, but it would be even better if we got some time at home to enjoy it. Tours come round so often now that married NCOs have almost no time to spend with their families. Because husbands are away so much, many wives have left dodgy married quarters in isolated garrisons to be with their mums. It rips the heart out of regimental life and a unhappy wife is the best way to get a man to sign off that I know.

As a soldier, it's my duty to do the Government's dirty work for them as long as I, my wife and my fellow troops are treated fairly. Danger and injury are part of what I signed-up for and I'll face them so long as I know the country's behind me and so long as I don't end up in court. In short, I expect the same loyalty that I have shown you: will I get it?

Yours sincerely, A serving soldier


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He has got mine, fully and without qualification - but I don't think he should hold his breath waiting for the PMs :cry:

Excellent letter.

It will be hard not to keep this letter in mind when I watch the Vet`s march through Brum this afternoon.

A3 size it, and start a flyposting now!
That's a good letter! I wish I was as eloquent.

Impact on the target? Not much, IMO, but the clunking fist has other problems to deal with!

Note to CF: these problems are all connected!

A good letter that sums up all the problems with the so-called "military convenant".

I read in one of the broadsheets that Broon had telephoned the recently bereaved families, which is more than Bliar ever did.

Good to see the illustrious Cdr Jolly wading into the argument over casualty evacuation in the Telegraph! The idea of a commander sugh as Gen Lillywhite not asking formore capability is ludicrous...unless it is not really going to be offered and he has been told so!

Another article states that harmony targets have been thrown out of the window, with only one named regiment (a Royal Signalsl regiment) meeting the 24-month interval. RAF loadmasters are singled out as under particular stress. But it's all OK because the harmony targets apparently apply to 100% manning, hence the "stretch" rather than the "overstretch".

The Nimrod tragedy is mentioned in the Sunday Times. Apparently the statement made to bereaved families that the recommendations made by the internal inquiry (a leak warning system, replacement of all ducts) have been implemented is a lie and there will be no leak warning system and only specific ducts have been replaced.

The politicians and the chain of command have forefeited any claim on the loyalty of the Armed Forces through their negligence and contempt.


Telegraph articles are offline at present.
A good letter indeed, but the word 'loyalty' in the same context as the word 'politician' - some mistaken belief, especially with the new Stalinist control-freak, unreconstructed Marxist-Leninist in charge.
This letter is excellently written and warrants a reply, however, that may probably never happen.
Funny SkintBoyMike , I was thinking the same thing reading that.

I really hope it's from a Soldier , but that statement about Warriors and Tanks getting "opened up like tin cans" seems odd. There are other bits that seem slightly out-of-kilter as well.

Perhaps it was edited/ re-written by someone at the Indy for brevity or 'readability" ?
Same thoughts as S_B_M and P_T_P but we do have a few educated members of the forces out there aswell. The only thing missing was the fact that we drop everything we are doing to to help out the government and the country when ever needed from fire strikes, floods, Culls, ambulance strikes etc. This leads to more time away from families, no extra pay but still the same workload and commitments when we get back.

Lets see if Brown takes things seriously and treats us with the respect we deserve.
The_IRON said:
Lets see if Brown takes things seriously and treats us with the respect we deserve.
I predict that the day that happens I'll win the lottery, see a pig fly and discover some rocking horse poo.
Loyality and respect? From politicians? That's just crazy talk! :pissedoff:
Stonker said:
MattyGC's case (among others) has attracted legitimate interest from The Independent On Sunday, who are now looking to talk to wounded/injured soldiers (+ ex soldiers), Reg or TA, and their families, about their treatment on return from Iraq/Afg, inc those treated at Selly Oak and Headley Ct.

Subject has a thread of its own.

If you are or know of guys/gals in this boat, and who want to go public - here's where to look. Any BAFF/Legion types looking in might want to make contact with the Indy, if they feel strongly about this issue.


If there are other threads where this might reasonably be publicised - pse do so.


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