We are all racist bully boy thugs. Its official

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BRIISTHENAME, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Thought I would stick this in the NAFFI where is belongs. I and another ARRSER have been on a fire mission as late with some scum readers on their online forum See link.

    So far we are all racist bully boy thugs for not agreeing with some chick who most defiantly has an axe to grind and is somewhat disillusioned between fact and fiction about the armed forces.
    Is this general felling with scum readers as it’s beyond me.
    Oh and we are all fat as well. At first I thought it was a wah but then just dam right insulting towards the guys and girls doing a difficult job in the sand pit.

    I found this site when reading the link so some good has come out of it.
  2. [​IMG]

    She could grind my, er, axe...
  3. I'd like to bully her.
  4. I'd give her one
  5. I don’t think it her real mug shot mate. :D
    I would but only so I could wipe my skin flute on her valance after :twisted:
  6. Ignorant cow, obviously got dumped by someone serving and still hasn't got over it. Unless you've had contact with the Army you can't understand the banter that goes on, and you definitely aren't going to understand how it's the same laughable abuse that you get from your mates that lets you all get on with a difficult job.

    Noble of her to take an interest in preventing bullying, if she cares that much I'd very much like to see her getting involved with the Army's extensive anti-bullying campaign - a campaign that is much more proactive than any civilian effort I know. Aside from that, she presents bias arguments and shows a distinct lack of understanding of the situations she talks about as well as the working of the Army and the common factors that are shared (and tested) by those serving (courage, integrity, selfless commitment etc), maybe she'll have the guts to come on ARRSE and present her crap views to people who have lost limbs and loved ones in her defense. That is if she's not too busy living in a tree and dropping acid to help bring world peace to all.
  7. She should be bullied for spelling crimes,for example:

    Abou Graibh
    British Arm Barracks

    I suspect that picture comes via a Google image search,and whilst I don't doubt she's from Kent,she's probably a truck driver called Andy.
  8. Lovely to see 3 PARA train their own recruits in Dover unlike the rest of the Inf who prefer Catterick according to this little scrubber...
  9. Laughably weak arguments that chick gives - should be taken on a night out by 3 Para Mortars and dry bummed to death :twisted:
  10. Or a taxi driver called Barry.
  11. so a site where Cath30 the cheap undercover scum reporter attempts to provoke the idle scum readers into a rant. The lads that replied came over well

    the reporter resorts to effectively screaming abuse........bit like the bbc reporter with those scientologist freaks.

    fun but pointless, minds already made up. But does give all the failures some where to cry it wasn't my fault i wasn't up to the army.

  12. Don't know why she brought up the blue-on-blue incident with Pte Cutts to try and prove that he was bullied.

    Dirty little scutter needs sorting out.
  13. Ah the delights of Dover...........Don't know if the names have changed, but the Elephant & Hind was always good for character building exercises, as was Underage oops Nuage
  14. Its the Sun forum, should she not be more concerned with Diana the princess of hearts, where Elvis is at present and the comings and goings of the Beckhams?.
  15. Don’t you mean the under-age? :D I wonder if that fountain is still boarded up. Anyone got any dhobi dust :wink:

    This chick has a very unhealthy interest with the old CO back then.