We are all going to die (again).

Wonder if Sir Patrick Moore already knew of this impending doom and decided to leave early .
If God wants a ****ing rock chucking match then I'm off to the local Catholic Cathedral with a wheelbarrow full of brick ends!
oh no not again- on the 22 dec i drunk myself in oblivion thinking if its all going to end i might as well go happy !! if this is going to be a monthly thing im going to need a liver transplant by june !!
oh no not again- on the 22 dec i drunk myself in oblivion thinking if its all going to end i might as well go happy !! if this is going to be a monthly thing im going to need a liver transplant by june !!
Me too. I drank my JW blue label in anticipation of doom or whatever. These people are getting like the weather men.
Once again the Boffins have come up with a possible date for humanities demise (again).

I wouldn't normally have bothered but time's running out.

And what's this "again" business? Excluding reincarnations, I've not died the first time yet.
I have man flu. My dog is on her last legs yet is able to defecate like a heifer and I have run out of whiskey. Bring the bastard on.
This raises so many questions...

Not least of which is, "What effect will this have on astrology?" After this must be a science as it is an "ology". Disregarding the fact the the attending doctor, midwife, nurse, spectators, etc probably have a greater gravitational affect than some distant star constellation. Those believers in this "ology" must recognise the fact that an asteroid of this magnitude will have some bearing on babies born under this sign. So, does it portend something powerful? something wonderful? or is it something demonic?

Personally, I'm of the belief that all these "star readings/predictions" are a load of bunkum and probably just come from a large card index.

Next, I wonder if it's possible that this asteroid could somehow be caught by our gravity and become a satelite, giving us another moon?

Could Earth become caught in it's gravity and become a moon to this asteroid?

Could this actually be the predicted ending of the world that the mayans thought would happen? Allowing of course for slight innaccuracies in crude measurements made so long ago?

Does this asteroid threat mean that I shouldn't bother struggling to meet loan repayments as there's bigger things to worry about?
my limited knowledge of such stuff does however give me the slight insight to this.

even the slightest deviation(in slight terms on this scale 10000 miles for example) will cause some problems/triggers.

if this beast did end up in our atmosphere the magnetic alteration could turn us all to jelly for a start, not to mention if it got between us n the sun. then there is the worry it could pull the earth out of its cuerrent orbit

far too many variables to be able to make any solid assumptions.

as for the mayans, i think its fair to say given them a few months either way is acceptable.

lets wait n see huh
On the 22.12.2012 i to thought that it was going to end and was waiting while guzzling down my whisky thinking this is it! How annoyed i was when it came to the 23.12.2012! Now i will never ever again pay any attention to the stupid attention seeking boffins who come up with such rubbish, And i urge others not to as well as these people can do their predictions in the loony bin as far as i am concerned.
No worries; when the asteroid is likely to hit Earth in 2036 I will likely be already dead. Have another drink. ;-)

Bacardi Rum.jpg
Quote "The asteroid, named Apophis, caused a near panic in 2004 after researchers calculated it had a one in 300 chance of hitting the Earth. The concern rose after more observations showed that the chances of a deadly impact on 13 April 2029 were closer to about 1 in 45.

At that point the asteroid - whose namesake was Gaul's ancient God of death, intent on plunging the world into darkness - seemed as if it had been aptly named."

****ing journos! Really! It doesn't take a half wit just to double check the facts!
I bet anyone £1000 that the world doesn't end in the next year.
The boffins will get it right one of these days.

Then you'll be sorry you doubted them!

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