We are all Doomed ... New Ice Age

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Border_Reiver, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. See linky ..... UK snow and big freeze weather means this winter set to be coldest in 300 YEARS | Mail Online

    .... it has to be true it's in the Daily Mail .... gasp ... horror ... hell's flames it's only a couple of years ago experts were forecasting shorter , wetter and wamer Winters .... that was when what we now call Climate Change was called Global Warming ... as my father used to say .... we do not have a climate in the UK ... just weather ... we can have all the seasons in one day .
  2. Speak for yourself...I'm a polar bear!
  3. Watching BBC1 at the moment ... " Polar Bear " .... did you partake in it's making ?
  4. Ursus Maritimus?
  5. Well back in the 1970's the boffins were predicting a looming ice age.......
    Mind you, the same boffins were predicting global warming fairly recently too.
  6. Saw that one coming!! No, I'm not a real polar bear!! Just pissed up...

    Oh and my kilt fits and I can do Highland Dancing!
  7. Wel I wsa jsut tringy to show I cna mutli tkas .
  8. Seeing as they've fucked up with predicting barbecue summers for the last two years, it wouldn't surprise me if they got one out of three right.
  9. I'm concerned that this news will lead to a bunch of champagne socialist luvvies jumping into their private jets and doing laps of the earth telling me I'm a **** for owning a car.
  10. I know, it's so ironic isn't it. All the hand-wringing Guardianistas moaning about my carbon footprints swanning off to RIO for climate conferences. This is the bit where I would insert profanity but since it isn't the NAAFI, I shan't.
  11. Was thinking the same we were supposed to be having a mini ice age in the 60's & 70's. Face it, the weather varies.
  12. No you naysayers, think of the rise in unemployment if the Climate Change Industry falters, although the money saved on research grants might come in handy, and what would the politicos use to keep the populace cowering in terror without the fear of the end of the world.
  13. This is from the fuckin greenies with their environmentally friendly initiatives. Belfast today has a multitude of burst pipes so much so that they cannot keep the reservoir levels up, much like the erectile disfunctional civil service. The next thing to hit Belfast is a cholera epidemic and this time I am relly angry as it will affect the prods as well as the taigs.
  14. Well water cannons from NI aparantley!
  15. Piers Corbyn (the astro-physicist who gets weather predictions consistently right where the Met Office consistently doesn't) has predicted we will be into a mini Ice-Age by 2035. It gets worse after that. All to do with sun spots and stuff apparently.