We all want ID cards, apparently.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ExplodingTrousers, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. Or so Jacqui Smith would have us believe:


    Of all the things to say to Jacqui Smith, this isn't the first thing that comes to my mind. More to the point, where is all of this public demand for ID cards meant to come from? I don't get it...

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  2. I can't wait to get a proper government endorsed ID card, i feel that in the current climate there are a few government made billionaires who are starting to really feel the pinch, this could well save them from having to cancel their sunseeker yacht orders!
  3. How much she'll like id cards after her identity has been cloned will be interesting.

    The ever reliable Guy Fawkes has the details how a glass with her fingerprints (and presumably her DNA) was "borrowed" from the briefing

    Biometrics is so unreliable, especially for large-scale applications, the scheme is totally flawed (even ignoring the civil liberties aspects)

    Still, if she's got nothing to hide......

    typo corrected

  4. What Planet Is she on? :roll:
  6. These figment of her imagination that keep coming up to her... are they drug-induced or just a symptom of the obvious insanity?

    Or perhaps she's using the political definition of a majority - 'everyone except the ones who disagree with me'.
  7. To be honest I've found the British revulsion towards ID cards to be a bit odd for some time. Most European countries have had them for ages and I've spent about 16 years in places where they are a requirement without any trouble. Quite the contrary, instead of having to produce several examples of proof of identity to get anything - especially cash-related - done, as in the UK, you just slap one card down and that's it. However, I absolutely disagree with any kind of electronic card where the holder may have no idea of the data contained on it. A simple card which explains who you are and where you live is enough to solve any immediate identity questions, and that is no bad thing.
  8. The overall cost of the ID card scheme over the next 10 years has risen by £50m to £5.1bn in the past six months, according to the government's latest cost report.

    Now is it me or would the £5.1bn, be better spent on lests say defence. Or am I cynical basteward?

  9. ooh - a single card like a photo driving license, or NI card or a liyyle book called a passport - we already have these. Its the last part of your paragraph is the issue - the data, who has it, who has access, how secure is it etc that it the problem.
  10. I've got one - why would I need another? Am I missing something here?
  11. The woman's from planet Zog.... or at least has the same grip on reality.
  12. I like many other people used to have the attitude of "If you've nothing to hide, there's no reason to oppose ID cards", however, now I'm older, wiser, and unfortunately more cynical, I have to take the view that I believe the Government would, and has lied to me about many things in the past and are not to be trusted not to do so again, also, that their security of data is abysmal, and they cannot be trusted to look after it, so, no thanks Ms. Smith, fcuk off.
  13. Have I missed the point?...

    Show me who you are!........ This is my passport, its good enough to get me into a foreign country, is it good enough to let me walk down the street in my own?

    Show me your ID card or Illthink you are a terrorist................ I am, I have an ID card but I can still blow up, >BANG<

    Im very sorry sir Ive jsut paid your life savings into the account of a Mr Ngueela Dtsalaam from Nigeria, a gentleman came in earlier and said he was you.

    What does an Identity card provide in terms of Proof, security or guarantee that carrying a passport, having a decent police force, or ensuring banks did their jobs, that cant be done with the 1.5Bn this scheme will cost!

    Apart from a Bonus to Labour Donors and external contractors involved in the production of said worthless piece of easily replicable piece of inconsequential tat!
  14. Smith's only following the advice of her New Labour spin manual: "when you lie, make it big, make it plausible, make it unverifiable".

    She is the very model of a New Labour Project Minister. I suspect that she's been taking advice from Lord Mandelson of Rio since his return to the inner circle.

  15. Your original assumption is that we have a government that is benign. It isn't nor ever has been. The first rule of governance is to control the population, easily done by 'frightening' the people to accept their new laws.