WD Gann: 45 Years On Wall Street

Will mean a lot to some, and nothing to many.

The originator of chartism / technical analysis, the study of graphs and trends in financial instruments including stocks and commodities.

When I was in the City in 87 the firm I worked with followed his rules closely.

Interesting to see if anyone uses anything like these rules today:

William Delbert Gann - Wikipedia

The 12 rules:-
1. Determine the trend
2. Buy at single, double and triple bottoms
3. Buy and sell on percentages
4. Buy and sell on 3 weeks' advance or decline
5. Market moves in sections/waves
6. Buy or sell on 5 to 7 point moves
7. Study volume to determine change in trend
8. Study time factor and time periods to determine change in trend. (p.s. when a time period on a decline exceeds that of a previous decline, it indicates a change in trend)
9. Buy on higher tops and bottoms
10. A change in trend often occurs just before or after holidays. (p.s. when prices are at high levels there are usually several swings up and down, then when the market breaks the low of the last swing it indicates a reversal and change in trend)
11. Buy on a second reaction at a higher bottom. When it reacts only 2 days, it is in a very strong position.
12. Price gains in fast moves does not last very long.
The 24 rules:-
1. Never risk one tenth of capital in one trade.
2. Always use stop loss orders.
3. Never overtrade.
4. Never let a profit run into a loss.
5. Do not buck the trend.
6. When in doubt, get our or dont get in.
7. Trade only active stocks.
8. Equal distribution of risk in 4 or 5 stocks.
9. Trade market order.
10. Dont clsoe your trades without a good reason.
11. Accumulate a surplus
12. Never buy just to get a dividend.
13. Never average a loss.
14. Never get out/in of the market because of impatience or anxiety.
15. Avoid taking small profits and big losses.
16. Never cancel a stop loss order after you placed it.
17. Avoid getting in and out of the market too often.
18. Be just as willing to seel short as you are to buy. Let your object be to keep with the trend and make money.
19. Never buy/sell just because the price is low/high.
20. Wait till the stock is very active and has crossed resistance levels before pyramiding.
21. Select stocks with small volume of shares outstanding to pyramid on the buying side.
22. Never hedge one stock by another.
23. Trade with a plan and do not get out without a definite indication of a change in trend.
24. Avoid increasing trading size after a long period of success.

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