WD-40 On Tyres

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fishfingers, Dec 22, 2006.

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  1. Just been reading this months edition of Mens Health (pg 139)and it reckons that spraying WD-40 on your car tyres gives much better grip in wet weather.

    Apparently the DVLA also reckon that that doing so could avoid 15% of motor vehicle accidents on wet roads.

    Can't believe that :? any views?
  2. WD-40 is not an oil in the true sense, its a moisture dispersant, and will "deflect" water off the gripping surface of the tyre whilst maintaining traction...so yes.... very probably a good call.

    God how f ucking boring am i....

    I'm off to immediately get drunk to re-establish my normality.
  3. It will probably also soften the rubber, which will also increase grip.

    Seems plausible, but I'm certainly not going to try it!
  4. I agree it must wreck the rubber.
  5. Please if you try it FFS don't get it near your brakes. That will REALLY ruin your day.
  6. Would be a fecking brilliant insurance claim though

    "I was unable to avoid the queue of children and nuns at the bus stop as I had recently covered my brake pads with WD40 while attempting to discover whether it improved traction in wet weather".
  7. So even more shit on the roads for bikes to slip on have people any fcuking sense these days
  8. Load of Boll0cks,the wd-40 would come off after a few miles anyway;However I cover my electric cables with the stuff in Winter and have never had contact problems,great stuff if used properly,and WTF does the licence authorities know about wet weather driving!

    What stops accidents in wet weather is going lighter on the accelerator pedal and ensuring the tyres have enough profile........probably avoid 90% of accidents! :oops:
  9. Errr, WD40 is not an oil, it is a Water Dispersant (the 40th formulation tried). The small amount of lubricant (which is only there to ease penetration of the water dispersant agents) evaporates very quickly and leaves very little or no residue. This is the main reason that you should never use WD40 to lubricate chains, bearing etc as it doesn't actually leave lubrication worth a damn.

    Now bloody tractors and lorries with leaking diesel tanks, thats another matter. :evil:
  10. The main active ingredient in WD40 is Lanolin.
    Its a substance found in sheep wool which helps keep sheep dry.
    Its also put in soaps to nourish woolen clothes oh and bodies.

    Its this Lanolin that is missing in Lama coats. They come from cold but dry high altitude regions. Their wool has air pockets in it to keep them warm.
    Because of this their wool gets soaked through and they can easily die in wet climates like Britain.

    (which is one of many reasons I keep my Lama tucked up in bed with me where ironically the only WD40 it comes into contact with is used by me to facilitate penetration )
  11. Bretarider,
    Try Michilin road pilots, they stick like shit to a blanket and still last.
    I got 9500 miles and still legal out of a rear tyre.

    But then I hardly use my brakes until under 25mph.
  12. get loads of useful tips here
    or from handy andy

    1.Spray WD-40 onto a clean cloth and wipe to remove scuff marks off skirting boards
    2.Rid shower screens of water marks and smears with a rub down with WD-40
    3.Give piano keys a clean up with a squirt of WD-40 and a clean cloth.
    4.Slugs attacking your favourite plant? Spray WD-40 on your plant pots will keep them at bay.
    5.Stop your iron board squeaking with a squirt of WD-40 on moving hinges and parts.
    6.Tea stains on work tops or lino flooring are no match for WD-40, apply a squirt of oil to a clean cloth and wipe them away.
    7.Squirrels pinching your nuts? A squirt of WD-40 on your bird table stand will help prevent them from pinching food left for feathered friends.
    8.WD-40 can be used to remove chewing gum from shoes and carpet
    9.If your favourite 12" has a light scratch, a quick wipe with WD-40 will help prevent the record from skipping.
    10.Caught with a stuck-fast zip? A squirt of WD-40 will help get you out of jam.
  13. Friend got it mixed up with de-icer once...............

    bless er
  14. Datumhead,
    Ooo I like it when they are that dumb.
  15. Yeah..she also tried to overtake on a dual carrageway IN THE THIRD LANE!!!!!!!!!! Astra 0- Armco 1 :slow:

    ('kin horny though....) :hump: