Ways to make Veterans UK better?

Discussion in 'Transition & Veterans Research' started by jibblefit, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Not sure if this ones been done but I'm compelled to share a few ideas based on my recent mail from them:

    1. Don't bother sending out a certificate of service as no one really gives a shit, especially if you erroneously leave out 17 years of service, get the medal section wrong and the qualifications section wrong as they have just done on my certificate.

    2. Issue a different badge, for political reasons a veteran is someone who has served at least a day in the military including all of the retards who failed to make day two of initial soldier training. Given this fact and that I have shiny things to show what I did in my service, I'd rather have a nice metallic badge of my favourite Viz character than a badge that means nothing.

    Anymore ways of slimming the fat off this organisation?

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  2. You're not happy then?
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  3. So you not feel you are worshiped enough when you venture out around town then?
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  4. Can I add to your list, and that is. I humbly suggest the Chinese manufacturers improve the pin mount. The first time I put the thing on it bust!
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  5. Truth be told I care not one jot about the bit of paper or badge, just annoying to think that a team of civil servants are wasting their time generating this guff whether they are competent or not (which they sont seem to be) when we are searching for ways of providing austerity.

    I'm also curious as to what other wasted efforts are being made by Veterans UK and hopefully Min for Veterans can get some ideas of how to improve his organisation (if ministers get informed of ARRSE information-sorry I'm a bit of an ARRSE virgin so don't know if this really happens)

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  6. More staff.
    Answering the phone & bit of civility once answered said phone!
  7. Non-stupid response: You may not be happy and you may not wish to be worshipped around town. Your post was about making the department more efficient and services more relevant. Is that somewhere close? FWIW the badge is a cheap joke maybe even a gimmick unworthy of the SPVA. Some older people do wear it but it's a matter of personal choice. Bin it and spend the money more wisely.

    As for the certificate of service, it is a document worth having and employers have been known to ask for it. At some stage it might have other personal uses. In that case, if some of them are sent out with inaccurate or missing information then that's just lazy admin. Somebody else will make another sensible comment or another bone internet hero retort. It's ARRSE you know.
  8. Given the reported 4 month backlog of Veteran's Badge applications, I don't think they're a particularly high priority at Veterans UK's offices - nor should they be. Then again, I fail to see what else they actually do apart from direct people to other agencies that can help them. They appear to be some sort of glorified Directory Enquiries office and absolutely nothing more.
  9. The ungrateful fcukers should phone me up at least twice daily praising my shenanigans in Helmand.
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  10. I do like a bit of Helmand's. ****ing great with tuna and sweetcorn.
  11. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    I thought it was the PM, who was to do that?
  12. He does but he's a cock.
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  13. To think how many WW2 veterans never uttered a word of their service, usually only finding out they were even in after they pegged it!
  14. They had it easy though.

    We were in Helmand!

    You weren't there man.
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  15. There's always one, eh?