WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: PART 1..Iranian event/walt fest

Okay, after discussions with the Duke of Wxxxxxx 's estate managers office, we have managed to gain a six month lease on the
iranian embassy premises whilst the "diplomats" take a well earned break.

It is proposed that we stage 3 re-enactments of that famous "them" assault on the building.

The first of these will take place on New years day, just to start 2012 off with a bang! followed by 2 more re-enactments on the 3rd
and 5th January.

Selection: 1/1/12 Only fully qualified members of SF, ex or serving will be permitted entry to the first days assault, due to the sheer
numbers involved, if you have "lost" your P coy, AACC, or Selection certificates, then please order duplicates asap from our sister
website www.waltcert..cum.ww. £25 +pp.

We will supply, black coveralls sizes L,XL,XXL,XXXL to each participant,at a cost of £50, each embossed with a logo depicting a "them"
figure on a balcony

and a number ranging from 1-2104.Please note only these official coveralls can be worn.

Former members of "them" will provide pre IA briefings and authentic air soft weapons and pyrotechnics for use during the operation, only these issued weapons/pyrotechnics may be used, a returnable deposit of £150 is required on issue.

A team of illegal immigrants have been recruited to squat in the building to provide a realistic opposition, all are former members of the ayatollahs staff with a couple of former ghaddafi supporters thrown in free of charge, hostages will be represented by the customers and staff of the local salavation army hostel. A donation of £10 per entrant should be made on application, part of which will cover our costs, the remainder tocharitable people!

We will provide authentic rapid departure from the raid for participants, blacked out windows, high speed run out of London to meet up with a "Margaret Thatcher look a like" at a country hostelry, team photo with Maggie and a pint of best bitter at only £43.50 per head.

This is an unmissable experience at a cost of £500+vat pp per day, should you wish to attend more than one "raid" as a participant then an exclusive price of only "495 pp per day will apply.

"Raids" no's 2 and 3 are open to non certificated members of the public and members of the RAF Regiment, be aware that the organisers accept no liability for the safety of participants, and that we strongly recommend that insurance is acquired from our sister website.www..insureawalt.larf.co

Stay tuned for future events, apply now to re live that famous day(again)
Would the Raf Reg get insurance ?

I fear not may I suggest that raids 2 and 3 be issued with super soaker type weaponry.

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