Ways to get tax free goods from UK into Germany?

Hi all,

What ways are there to get tax free goods from the UK into Germany?
I am looking into it.
I have been into my welfare offic who told me to go to the accounts office and they gave me the usual BFG60 for BFG80 or 80 for 60, and then send off the form that i get back.
What a pain in the arse.

I have also ben told that a signed letter from any officer stating that I am entitled to tax free goods will suffice.

The reason I am looking into it is a company has asked me for advice because that is there main hold up when it comes to selling laptops to squaddies overseas.

What ways are there that you lot have heard of or used.
Amazon. No problems.
Laptopsdirect.co.uk No problems

There is a SOFA which states that we are entitled to TAX free, but i don't think that vendors in UK have to honour it, though that last bit may be arrse

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