Ways around upper age limit?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by EagerBeaver, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Ok i know im prob going to upset a few here but i'll take the abuse on the off chance that some one comes up with a solution! :roll:

    I know there are exceptions for medics, ex regs and cadets, but anyting else for someone a couple of years above the limit, also what checks to collaberate your claim of being in the cadets? :wink:
  2. As long as you have skills to offer, being a couple of years over 32 is'nt a Drama. As long as you are medically and physically fit. Approach your local unit and talk to the RRTT rep. As for cadet service it do'nt matter if you done 6 months or 6 Yrs.
  3. Cheers mate
    to be honest ive never been in the cadets, i just didnt know if they actually checked it (if you claimed you had to get in) if everything else looked ok?
    Obviously i wouldnt because that would be wrong :wink:
  4. I recently enlisted a guy at 38 with no previous service. However he had civvy skills that benefited the unit. As for cadet service, it do'nt really mean anything. As I said earlier, your best option is to go and talk to your local TA unit. They are the ones that will fight your case if they want you.

    Good Luck
  5. 38? Wow i really am feeling more hopefull! :D Cheers mate!
    para 4 10comp and westminster dragoons are closest so i'll go and chat to them both!
  6. The upper age limit is actually affected but what trade you wish to do.
    The oldest (as far as I’m aware) that you can join is 40, but you’d find yourself restricted to the dull trades such as clerk or chef.

    32 is the oldest you can join and still have the choice of what trade you want to do. After 32 it’s down to what civvy skills you can bring to the table and what you want to do.
  7. And if you have unique civvy skills, try the Specialist Units. Contact them direct as they may trade experience for age well beyond the range that a Careers Office or well-meaning Independent Unit may quote.
  8. I met a chef attached to THEM during my CMS(R) who signed on the line at 42.

    I thought he was mental.

    Still did well though, although there's no skill they teach you in cheffing that can help you do drill correctly, apparently.
  9. Damn ive only just managed beans on toast! :wink:

    Any other specialist subjects anybody know of?
  10. What do you do in civ div?

    Might help if we knew :)
  11. Ive spent the last 10+ years in various security fields (from 'bars' through threat assesment to CQB work in UK and abroad)
    Did some basic firearm training in that time including some good times at 'altcar' in a few rifle comps.
    Currently im just coming to the end of my commercial pilots licence. (so i'd hope my navigation and radio skills are of a decent standard)
    Hopefully theres something of use in there for someone
  12. So you're looking for a job as a storeman? ;)
  13. Yeah, Steven Segal can portray you in " Under Siege 15 - Return of the Gimp"
  14. Seagal!!!!!?????

    Sarcasm is one thing but thats just bloody insulting!!!!
    At least choose someone without a ponytail!
  15. Like Sinead O'Connor?