Wayne Rooneys foot

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by easymoney, May 4, 2006.

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  1. If he doesn't play who will take his place.Will we still have a chance of winning it without him. Carrick at S***s looks to be coming on,perhaps he can do a job for us in Shreks absence.What do Arrser's think?
  2. I think Sven won't take him to Germany and takes Crouch instead. Come the quarter finals Rooney's foot is better and can play a bit. Sven is then desparate to get him out but can't because he didn't name him in the original squad.

    One night before the game, the hotel are showing 'Escape to Victory' and the nuget of inspiration forms. Sven takes Crouch to his room stamps on his leg to break it, calls Rooney over as an immediate replacement.

    We then win on penalties :lol: and then sneak out through a hole dug under the dressing room.
  3. It says in my paper today that Sven will take him even if he will only be fit for the finals. FFS! Hasn't he learned from earlier c ock ups? He needs to pick a squad of fully fit players. Eleven sunday leaguers who are fit would be better than eleven world class players who are unable to play!

    I'm all for crocking Crouchie, though, but why wait till the quarter finals?
  4. Well if success or failure depends on just one player then we deserve to be knocked out by Trinidad and Tobago. :twisted:
  5. Trinidad and Tobago? 22 players? We don't stand a chance!
  6. No chance,we have a bloody good team without him.He offers a lot though,any country playing in the finals would have him in their team and would be disappointed to lose him.I expect most teams will be glad he's crocked. T+T won't win one group game.
  7. I dunno about Trinidad and Tobago, they are unlikely to get past 11 Grandads with Lumbago!
  8. FFS!!! Listen to you all - going on about how Rooney might get to play in the semis or in the final if hes fit. Shouldnt you all be a bit more concerned about making it to that stage before you worry about whether hes match fit?

    ...........and yeah Im a jock so Im well prepared for the incoming - difference is I know were crap, you lot actually think your gonna win it and if you dont it will only be because Shrek was injured. Always an excuse!!!

    Honestly, you wonder why people slate the English so much - maybe its because your arrogant bstrds!!

    TAKE COVER!!!! :twisted:
  9. Typical sweaty sock boll*x,I only asked who will take his place,where's the arrogance in that.Thing is though we might well bloody win it, a lot of the opposition don't wont to face England. Jocks still bask in the glory of a short stay in Argentina,behave.
  10. First of all, we're not basking in the glory of anything.

    Secondly, while you may have only asked who would take his place other people were saying "Come the quarter finals Rooney's foot is better and can play a bit" and "It says in my paper today that Sven will take him even if he will only be fit for the finals"

    Do you see my point.
  11. A bit,Sven is saying what he thinks the media and pop want to hear.He knows that Fergie won't let him go if there is a chance of Rooney doing more damage.Some of these posts have been a bit tongue in cheek,but with the group we've been given even Scots could make it to Qtrs. Any neutral footie nonce would give us a fair shake at reaching the semi's,but as Wenger says "Everybody thinks they have the most beutifull wife".
  12. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Speaking as a totally un-neutral Jock I hope you don't!

    Sorry, can't reverse years of upbringing!
  13. I would never expect anything different from north of the border.Just as I hope you realise I feel the same about your team being an un-neutral Englishman. Personnally I feel the same about the Frogs,Krauts,Cloggies,Eyeties etc etc.Your in esteemed company.
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Fair enough
  15. Sod the stunted Scouse B*st*rd.

    Cut his precious foot off and shove it up his ARRSE.

    FootballERS, what a bunch of over paid prima-donnas.

    Makes my blood BOIL.