Wayne Rooney

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Just what was it that the Spud Faced Nipper actually said?
    I am seeing lots about it,but not the actual words used.Please enlighten me.Ta.
  2. Check Youtube, but be quick, apparently Sky are trying to shut it down. Lots of F's in the version I saw, no C's or anything to frighten the horses too badly. I think the time of day is the main issue. If it had been said in some cutting edge drama on BBC3 at 21:30, no-one would have blinked.
  3. He apparently said " Death to all Zionist imperialists and long live the Aryan race" or words to that effect.
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  4. Just shows that he oozes class really. Tit.
  5. Shaved chimp swears on pitch - none story, it's the fact he got caught that causes the fuss!
  6. Having watched the Youtube clip,I'm not much the wiser.I got a "fuckin hell" towards the end of the clip - was that about it?
  7. I think it was, “I’m delighted to have scored three goals and to have assisted my team in a magnificent victory. However the team is bigger than one man and I would like to thank all in helping me in this achievement, and the match officials without whom there would be no game. I look forward to celebrating by having a quiet night in with my family, playing with my son and retiring to bed with an improving novel.”
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  8. Because nobody watches BBC3.
  9. And it is only his authentic regional accent that makes it sound like <expletive deleted> to those not coterminositic.
  10. Anybody else need to look that up? :D
  11. Overpaid chav moron!!!
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  12. According to the paper yesterday he said something along the lines of 'What do you fucking want? Fuck off' when one of the camera goblins got in close to his shrekish fizzog.
    Total non story. Overpaid sink estate ball kicker swears on live TV, then no one will do anything to him about it except maybe give him a little fine that he wont even notice.

  13. If he doesn't get to play in the FA Cup semi-final, and United lose to City, that would get his attention.

    Mind you, the odds of City beating United aren't exactly inspiring...