Way out wanted?

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by 2hopes, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. I have served just over 5 years in the Royal Engineers but i have just completed a trade course which came with a 3 year restriction. My goals in life since finishing the course have changed and can't wait 3 years to get out. My 3 year restriction started about a month ago. Is there anyway I could get out beforehand? I don't want to do it dishonestly (fake injury, take drugs etc) but I would like to sign off in the next 3 months to be out next year.
    Any help with this would be great cheers everyone.
  2. Possibly change Cap Badge - which can't be refused - then sign off from there. Bit underhand if it works, but might get you to where you want to be
  3. Tw@t, I hope you have to stay in for the next 3 years. if you knew you didn't want to stay in why do the course. Or is it, do the course and get out to start in civvy street with a qualification. :evil: :x

    Even if you change capbadges you won't just be able to sign off. Live with it and get some experience of the trade behind you. :evil: :x
  4. What has changed within the last month? I bet it's some doris.

    Stop now, and think about what you're doing, she's not worth the bother......................none of them are.
  5. You signed on the dotted line. Finish your contract honourably
  6. The only way you can get out now is dishonestly i.e. drugs, refuse to soldier or pretend to be mad. So you could either do that or suck it up like a man and finish your contract.
  7. Welcome to ARRSE, 2hopes.

    Whilst I have every sympathy with your predicament, what has changed in the last couple of months? If, as suggested, you have fallen in love, then you need to rethink your priorities. Love doesn't keep food on the table (well, it does if you are a prostitute but let's not go there...).

    If a welfare issue has dropped a bomb on you (it happens more frequently than you might think), then visit your Welfare Officer or Company Commander and discuss your situation in confidence. He/she will be in the best position to advise you (once they have spoken to MCM Div), rather than this site, which is not the best place to discuss welfare issues!

    If the situation is that you are bored with the job/don't want to deploy, or something like that, then why did you take the course vacancy? I am sure that a dozen other people would have taken it and used it wisely?

    If you want to do some background reading, visit your Orderly Room and ask to see Queen's Regs, Chap 9 which will tell you the various methods you could use to justify resigning, but they aren't pretty!

    PM me if you want, but without any background knowledge other than that which you have posted, my sympathies lie with the Army.

  8. I think u should see out the rest of your contract or at least wait for a bit and see how you feel then.

    But having said that, if you do then decide that you want to get out then all your doing is wasting three years of your life!

    Speak to one of them civvy solicitors that specialise in dealing with the military (there always advertised in soldier magazine) cause im sure time-bars arent legally binding!

    And after all, civvy companies send blokes or courses and even sponsor degrees and they dont time bar you for three years!
  9. You tw@t, you took a place on a course and now you can't be arrsed to carry on serving, because your goals in life have changed, on one hand i hope you have to stay a finish your commitment to the Corps, but on the other hand i hope they kick you out of the Engineers, for being a fcuking mong that we can well do without.

  10. you are a ROYAL ENGINEER fella, stand proud you are the creme de la creme of the british army.
  11. Not sure he knows how to, the TW@T

  12. You will get lots of flack on here but if you want to get out then give not one jot about what others think.
    My advice would be to do a lot of research and possibly get some legal advice.

    What I will say is that not one job I have went for since leaving has asked to see my Red Book.
  13. That's a very ominous claim isn't? I wouldn't advocate following your advice for one minute. You've presented yourself like a complete cunt, barrack room lawyer.

    No matter what the circumstances are, you signed a contract, you knew the implications of it. Finish your time properly, you'll regret it otherwise. As for the Red Book, I haven't had to show mine either but I am not afraid to.
  14. If that how is how you feel then fair play. I wouldnt say Im a barrack room lawyer, Im merely giving the guy advice. If you dont agree with it then fair enough.

    Why would anyone regret not finishing their time properly ?
  15. I agree with Parasigs, without knowing what the situation is then how can we judge? I know of at least 2 people that got out of "time bar" contracts.
    One of them had very good reasons to leave, yet the Army still attempted to keep him with the time bar. A few letters from a civvy lawyer soon had him signed off with no black marks on his record.

    As jack as it sounds, Even if he did do the course with all intention of leaving with a better qualification then good on him. You soon realise once you leave that the army dont care about you. so look out for Number 1. Take what you can when your in 'cuase you'll get F*** all once your out