Wavell Barracks Berlin - 1989 - A Superb Documentary

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Abner Brown, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. ‪BBC Inside out Army life pt1.wmv‬‏ - YouTube

    A great documentary made in 1989 by ordinary soldiers from the Light Infantry under the auspices of the BBC. The lads had full editorial control and were encouraged to speak their minds. I suspect that the MOD may subsequently have regretted that unheard of freedom...

    The battalion went straight from a hard tour of NI to the petty bullshit and mindless barrack room nonsense of two years in Berlin. there is some really good filming and very interesting interviews; the scene in the jail with the little clockwork toy RPs trashing bedblocks and flinging kit around made my stomach lurch for a second....
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  2. Were they not in Brooke Bks, Or did we take over from the wrong lot in 91!!.
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  3. You're right, they were in Brooke Barracks. Wavell was next door.

    Edited to add: Wavell Barracks was inhabited by 1Kings who were a plague on Berlin and a major nuisance to the Berlin Infantry Brigade in general and the RMP in particular :)

    I think it was during this posting that a deranged Kingsman mounted a rooftop protest, hurling slates off the roof and bellowing out his grievances to the world.
  4. Thanks, Abner - been looking for a copy of the documentary for ages. Top man.
  5. Very interesting film, but most of that could have been filmed in any Battalion. The blokes came over very well but that RP Lance jack needed battering with a large, heavy and preferably blunt instrument.
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  6. Yes Abner Brown the KING'S were an embarrassment to the Army wherever they went. They also terrorised the residents of Cyprus when they were there, leading to Aya Napa being placed out of bounds.

    Their descendants - 2 LANCS - are on equal par being manned by thieving and troublesome Scousers.

    Going back on to the subject, Wavell Barracks in Berlin is still in tact with weeds growing around the camp. Most of the buildings are unused and are in the same condition as they were when the Army withdrew from the city in 94. The drums/band block has been converted into a kindergarden and IT school. Apart from Wavell Barracks, there are few reminders of the British presence in Spandau.
  7. Very interesting documentary. Does anyone know if the rest of it from the Officers' perspective is on the web?
  8. That was us. I can't get farkin Youtube here !! :-( This was a good Battalion with some major characters, good blokes, fit as fcuk and very professional, and we had just suffered a major tragedy. CO was excellent as was his wife . Had this Doc on Video but lost it over the years, as you do. I remember the BBC on Camp (yes it was Brooke)."Luckily" for the programme, it all kicked off in the Kings' NAAFI, whilst the Beeb were on site. Next morning, cue an amusing response from the (then) Razzman, "well everything's alright now, not too much damage" :) I don't remember any Officers being involved with the programme, apart from perhaps one OC, likeable mature bloke who said I recall " you can't train soldiers up to be aggressive and then expect them to behave like Nuns" or something to that effect. Funniest bit I remember from a rather sad episode , we 'd just moved from Omagh, and we know what happened there, was the Battalion comedian. Wasn't afraid to speak his mind unfortunately for him , especially about the battalion congregating in one place on early morning Active Edge/crashouts as they were called. " So the russians will know where we all are". You'll see who he is on the film. I recall he also spent rather a long time in coveralls, fatigues, after the film. The RP Lancejack, knob of the highest order, this Doc is said to have been used for training purposes, to show how NOT to treat SUS/Prisoners.

    Anyone there or in the know, will recall the postings that occurred after the Doc's release.
  9. Very good stuff. Would like to see the officers' film too.
  10. willsy was the character and Tremaine he was never punished at all he became batman for the next CO he left and become radio cornwall DJ i actually saw him last year and still funny as hell lol,the CO which was mentioned in the film was a tosser and after the Doc it came apparent how he handle the whole situation badly and got a punishment posting to the Falklands islands, the RP was Log Watson and unfortunately the cameras make you do stupid things and yes that part in the jailhouse is being used for RP's and RMP's how not to do it lol, btw the one prisoner actually not long after the Doc joined the RMP's.

    MOD screwed up badly picking 1LI for the Doc as what was said was what we felt at the time, i had a really good friend on that bus who died and i wanted to goto the funeral but no TA done it was upsetting for the families.
  11. I remember it well, I was REME attached to 1 LI and 1 KOSB before them. The NAAFI 'riot' was engineered by the BBC as i remember it, I drove back into camp that night to be confronted by a very junior Orderly Officer being chased across the parade square by some fairly pissed and irate squaddies hurling bottles after him...hilarious at the time.!!

    Berlin really was a fantastic place to go for a first posting..
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My Bn just after I had left it, for those in the know the C Coy Clerk in Omagh was 94 and he is seriously ill, I'll be posting updates on this board as I get them.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The Provo Cpl was a waste of rations and in reality scared of his own shadow, havent seen him at any reunions and to think he could regale us with tales of how he got his rank in the med centre and the jail.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The RP was the thickest bloke in the company when he was a buckshee, I see he hadnt changed!
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The second RP was a good lad as a buckshee, I wouldnt mind seeing him again!

    During the fibua scene the ginger beret wearing DS kicks a lad, he wouldnt have done that to me the sprog!